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Is it legal for a creditor to force you have renters insurance when buying furniture on credit?

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I'm in Georgia. Can you prove they forced you to buy? They wouldn't give you the furniture if you didn't pay the extra? They are covering their assets. If you think you got ripped keep on trucking for a help for others.

Many creditors require that you have insurance coverage on large purchases until they are paid off. Other examples would be house and vehicle purchases. The only legal issue might be if they require you to buy the insurance from them instead of a company of your choice. Really, it protects your investment, too.
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What is renters insurance?

  RENTERS INSURANCE Policies available to those who rent a dwelling; usually covers personal possessions and liability, but not the dwelling itself.

Do you have to have renters insurance?

Some landlords may require you to carry tenants insurance in order to rent. If they don't it is still a very good idea to have it and very inexpensive.

Why is credit considered when buying car insurance?

Insurance companies have proven that those people who have a lower credit rating also have a high amount of claims. This is statistical information and in no way is meant to s

Is it legal to buy drinks on credit?

Yes. Credit cards count on you charging alcohol on your credit cards. The more you lose your judgment, the more you will get into debt and take longer to pay.

Where can one buy business credit insurance?

One can buy business credit insurance from a number of companies. TD Insurance, Coface UK, and Hiscox all offer business credit insurance where one can apply online.

I have an existing lease now owner says everyone in complex has to buy renters insurance have to buy renters insurance?

If it's not in your current lease agreement then there is no way hecan force you to buy it. But when your lease comes up for renewalhe can insist you get it or just not renew