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Is it legal for a wife to cancel her husband's health insurance as well as his son's from a previous relationship without notice?

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Are they still married? Separated? Divorced? If nothing else, the husband should get a notice from the Insurance Company about his COBRA rights.
What does the divorce decree say?
Once the divorce is final, the Insurance Company wouldn't consider the x-husband eligible anyway.
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Is it legal to have your own health insurance through your employer as well as being on your spouse's employer's health insurance plan?

Yes, but check into them carefully first. Both me & my husband both have insurance coverage on us and our kids. I did not realize it but it is hurting us more than helping u

Can you cancel a life insurance policy your ex wife has on you?

It depends on who is the owner of the policy. The policy owner has complete control of the policy once issued. If you are the owner you can cancel it or just change the benefi

Can a wife use her husband's credit card without his permission?

In most cases, no. Per credit card company rules, the person who signed the back of the card is the only person allowed to use it, and if the signature on the back of the card

Can your employer cut off health coverage without notice?

No. Under ERISA (a federal law for employer health plans), an employer has to give at least 60 days notice before ending a health plan. The bummer is that COBRA coverage will

Can a wife open account in husband's name without his approval?

This answer will vary from state to state because of the penal systems but here is a stock answer.  In order to apply for credit the person whose name appears as the account

Is it legal for a landlord to lock you out without an eviction notice in Minnesota?

It is illegal for a landlord to deny access or prevent access to a tenant without having formally completed a legal eviction process. The tenant should contact local law enfor

How do you cancel your health insurance that you can no longer afford to pay?

Cancellation of health insurance policy can be more complicated  than most other types of insurance. so following the right  procedure when cancelling a health policy can en

What should you do if your employer drops your health insurance without notice?

They didn't just change it from one policy/carrier to another? Well I'd have a fit to start with. I'm assuming you have talked to them and are getting no where? If that's the

Who is your mother's mother's husband's son's son's sister?

Your mother's mother is your grandmother. Her husband is your grandfather or a person unrelated to you who married your grandmother either before or after your mother was bo

Can i get a pacemaker without health insurance?

  KEEP PRAYING FOR OBAMA PLAN... ha ha that what I have been told. You will have to come up with $60,000 for the pacemaker, $12,000 hospital stay $18,000 and the rest

Can a wife sue homeowner's insurance for her husband's accidental death on their property?

No, Presumably You and your spouse are the named insureds on your  policy.    Your Homeowners Insurance policy is Hazard Insurance for your home  that protects the in

Is your husbands health insurance provider legally allowed to deny his wife coverage if she works part time?

It depends on how their plan document is worded and the specific reason given for denial of coverage for the wife. If their plan document states that dependents with access to

How Can you Cancel your Health Insurance Plan?

Buy Health Insurance Plans    Buy health insurance could be a confusing task to do because there  are many options in the market.So you can select best health  insura