Is it legal to use the designation Dr in front of your name if you have earned a Ph.D degree?

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When being addressed verbally, "Dr. Smith" is generally used. In writing, though, it would typically be "Ellen Smith, Ph.D."
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Who is the only president with an earned Ph.D degree?

Woodrow Wilson is the only American President to date to have earned a doctorate, and the only political scientist to be President. After dropping out of the University of Vi

Which US presidents have earned a Ph.D?

Woodrow Wilson is the only US president to have earned a PhD. He received this degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University in 1886.

Is it legal to use Dr after getting the ULC DD degree?

I have never seen Dr after a name. It may be MD, PhD, EdD, DDS, etc. depending on your field of study. Still, if the degree is a doctorate, the Dr would go before the name. Th

How much money does a nurse with a Ph.D degree earn?

Depends. Most nurses don't have a PhD because they don't need one and many hospitals don't pay extra for the degree. I am a teacher with a PhD and have not made any extra mone

Can someone with a Ph.D use dr?

Yes, of course. Some will place the abbreviation (Dr.) before their name, but more often the abbreviation after their name when used on documentation, and business cards. In o

Is is legal to use designation Dr in front of your name after getting a degrree from Indian Board of Alternative medicine?

It is legal to use designation of a Dr.(A.M.) once you complete a degree from them. Simply using Dr. is not permitted because you have to differentiate yourself from a practit

Have any US presidents earned a Ph.D?

Yes - Woodrow Wilson earned a PhD and was the only president so far to do so.