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Is it legal to use the designation Dr in front of your name if you have earned a Ph.D degree?

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When being addressed verbally, "Dr. Smith" is generally used. In writing, though, it would typically be "Ellen Smith, Ph.D."
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Which US presidents have earned a Ph.D?

Woodrow Wilson is the only US president to have earned a PhD. He received this degree in political science from Johns Hopkins University in 1886.

Who is the only president with an earned Ph.D degree?

Woodrow Wilson is the only American President to date to have earned a doctorate, and the only political scientist to be President. After dropping out of the University of Vi

Who is the youngest person to earn a Ph.D?

Dr Syed Muhammad Hussain Tabatabai was awarded Phd degree at the age of 7 years from UK. Dr Syed Hussain Tabatabai was born on (10 Feb 1990), in the holy city of Qom, Iran.

Is is legal to use designation Dr in front of your name after getting a degrree from Indian Board of Alternative medicine?

It is legal to use designation of a Dr.(A.M.) once you complete a degree from them. Simply using Dr. is not permitted because you have to differentiate yourself from a practit

How long does it take to earn a Ph.D?

 It takes usually between 2.5 and 5 years.    The PhD would take approximately four years post bachelor's to complete. The actual length of time depends much on how l

How long does it take to earn an associate's degree in fashion design?

  Answer     Well, a "associated degree in "Fashion design', in most 'accredited' universities and colleges can take 2 years. You will have to finish your "lower

Is master's degree is equal to Ph.D?

Yes. Some Master degrees are equivalent to PhDs provided that the minimum period of the Master program is not less than three years.

What is the shortest way to earn a Ph.D?

There are some colleges and universities that may have accelerated programs, however, no PhD program of study is going to be short. Typically, a PhD takes approximately eight

Is Indian Ph.D degree recognised in US and can one get job there based on it?

Indian Universities recognized by University Grants Commission (UGC), and those universities which are member of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) maintain high standar

What is the exact grammatical format for listing degrees such as MA or Ph.D after one's name using commas or periods?

If the degree is in a very specfic field (such as business or social work), the correct format would be: John Smith, MSW or Carol Jones, MBA. If the Masters is in a broader

Is it correct style to use Dr before a person's name if that person has multiple degress eg Dr Joe Smith MD Ph.D?

  It is correct if you omit the M.D. and Ph.D. You must decide between Dr. Joe Smith or Joe Smith, M.D., Ph.D. For some odd reason if someone has a J.D., while you can ref