Is it legal to watch porn on campus?

Of course it's legal, it's just generally against the rules. They cannot punish you for doing so, all they could do is ban you from using their Wi-Fi. Now saying that, if you are not referring to using college campus Wi-Fi to view porn and just to view it on campus, no that's not illegal either it's just frowned upon.
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Is it legal to buy fake watches?

It's lawful to PURCHASE them (if you really want one) - providing - you are not doing it to knowingly re-sell them as the 'real' thing.It is unlawful to SELL them, while repre (MORE)

Is it legal to watch south park online?

Completely! is the show's website and has a list of every episode that has aired. However if you watch it from somewhere else then it is illegal.
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Where can you legally watch Anime online for free?

These are not for movies! Go to and there will be a large selection of shows to watch. Only problem is that you can only watch for like 2 hours then rest for an (MORE)
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Teenage boys and grown men watch pornography, and some even make a habit of it. However, when a man is already married, the reasons he has for watching porn are questionable. (MORE)

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Is it legal to purchase replica watches?

Its a bit of a grey area, if the replica contains the copyrighted logo from the original then the watches could be considered illegal counterfeits but there shouldn't be anyth (MORE)

Where can you legally watch a movie?

You can watch a movie at the movie theater, by borrow, You can buy  the movie(s) from any good retailer that has some DVDs/VHSs or  watch it online.     You can watch (MORE)
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Is watch-movies legal?

No, that is why the government keeps shutting them down and they keep changing the URL.
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