Is it normal to be 21 weeks pregnant and have no appetite?

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Absolutely. Your hormones are changing. I'm not sure how long i'd let it go on before having it looked at though. 5 months pregnant you should be more hungry then not. Just keep an eye out for it.
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Is it normal to be 21 weeks pregnant with your fourth child and have only felt the odd flutter of movement?

Answer . Pretty much anything can be considered normal in pregnacy. Every pregnancy is different. If you are having concerns, talk to your doctor, but if you have felt so

Is is normal to have appetite loss during 37 weeks of pregnancy?

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I am about 2-3 weeks pregnant but don't have a huge appetite is this normal?

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Is it normal to have a bump at 7 weeks pregnant?

It is common to have a small bump, because at two months the uterus will start to expand as your little embryo grows. However, some women do not yet get their bump, but that

Can you fly at 21 weeks pregnant?

When it comes to your physical health there should be no problem but the different airlines have rules and regulations for it so you have to ask them.