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Is it normal to lose taste on the tip of your tongue after a piercing and is this permanent?

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Losing Taste After a Piercing I Think You Should Visit A Piercer Or Ask A Doctor About That, Ive Never Herd Of It Doing That. New Answer Headline I just got my tongue done about 5 days ago, and for a bit you might notice some loss of taste on the tip of the tongue. Ive got a bit of that right now too. give it time. maybe about 2 or 3 weeks and it should go back to normal. worse comes to worse, see a doctor about it.
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How soon after a tongue piercing can you eat normally?

You need to stay away from dairy and beer and cigarettes for about 5 days even if you feel fine, because they can cause a nasty yeast infection in your mouth called thrush. Wh

Is a green discharge normal with a tongue piercing?

  it is totally normal when you have a tongue piercing to get a kind of discharge, it's the body's way of healing itself. This normally appears for 1-2 weeks. If it carrie

Is it normal to have a bump inside your tongue after piercing tongue?

yes it is i was worried about that too, it takes a while for that to go away but eventually it becomes painless and will go away all together, also i had a white bump on the h

Is it normal to get thrush on your tongue after getting it pierced?

  No Thrush occurs when the oral bacterial balance in your mouth is out of whack, this can be caused by over using antibacterial or antimicrobial mouth washes too much. To

Is it normal for your tongue to be a white color after a tongue piercing?

Answer   I got my tongue pierced exactly 1 week ago, and I'm going through the same thing. In fact I was online searching to see if anyone else has come across this while

Is it normal for a tongue piercing to still hurt months after it was pierced?

Piercing Pain   Getting your tongue peirced in the first place is dangerous considering there is a major nerve that, if hit, would render your tongue completely dead. How

Is puss normal after you get your tongue pierced?

yh don't worry about it i got ym tongue pierced about a month ago and the first 10 days i had puss coming out but don't worry because when you get your downsize it stops. k.
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Is it normal for your tongue piercing to stretch after 2days?

Do you mean that the piercing hole itself has stretched? Its possible that you pulled the bar or played with it too much and it caused a tear but that seems unlikely for only

Can you get a permanent lisp from a tongue piercing?

    Permanent Lisp from Piercing?       no it can heal   Answer   A person tends to adjust when they add objects or take objects away from the mo