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Is it possible for a 21-year-old to sue their father for back child support?

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Is it possible for a 21-year-old to sue their father for back child support?
YES! Go to your local court and begin action now. Search to see if you mother did do anything at all. Paperwork may have already been started years ago. The Clerk will find the information for you. They cannot give you legal advice just give you the paperwork. The Friend of the court will deal with your case. I would first seek an attorney in this area and use the contingent fee process. Meaning, the attorney will get a 3rd of what you get in the end. This is the best way to go. Sometimes you may have to pay hourly. Get an experienced lawyer over 5 years in practice in Child support payments. You need someone who will know exactly what to do. Many lawyers will take a case and research the law and then act. Keep that information to yourself. Answer It may be possible if the state does not have SOL pertaining to child support. Attorneys will not accept this type of a case on a contingency basis unlike personal injury suits, there is little guarantee such a lawsuit would be successful. If the mother received any state assistance concerning the child(ren) it is highly likely that any monies recovered would belong to state rather than the adult child, even if the child paid all legal expenses. Such action contains many veritables and will be a complicated and lengthy and expensive process with no guarantees as to the outcome. A "friend of the court" or a Guardian Ad Litem, is a legal representative appointed by the court to represent a minor or an adult who has been declared legally incompetent, it would not apply in a case such as the one cited.
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Can illegal immigrant mom sue illegal resident father for child support?

Can illegal immigrant mom sue illegal resident father for child support?

i doubt it. as she is illegal, there's no record of her being in the country. thus, she doesn't exist in the country and she cant go to court without someone else papers or a

Can a father go to jail for back child support?

YES!!   They do have what is now called Child Support Jail && Court.   They can keep you locked up for a certain amount of time. Like paying for a ticket by going to jai

If you paid child support and child is 20 years old can you get the child support back?

Depends on your state laws. Some states have laws that any overpaid child support can be requested from the parent who received the support and if not, you can sue them for th
Can a adult child sue father for child support?

Can a adult child sue father for child support?

  Only for one year past the age of 18 for 2-18 years, depending on state law. But, know that a growing number of judges are ruling against these claims. If you have con

If a father hasn't paid child support for 18 years and that child is now 42 years old what can that child do to get the back support?

First, you need to check your state's statute of limitations for enforcing child support orders to see if it's possible to do anything at this point.    If you made it thi

Does a father have to pay for back child support when released from prison?

  Yes. Wrong! The only time some one pays "Back Child support" is if the work and do not pay the correct amount from their pay checks. If a person is unemployed the are n

Can an adult child sue their noncustodial parent for back child support?

  Answer   Yes, as an adult you can sue a noncustodial parent for back child support. However it is a different story if the noncustodial parent has never been order

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Can you sue child support agency?

If it's your money, yes, but you will have to go through their appeals process first. If that doesn't resolve the problem, you may then sue the State in the circuit courts.

Can a non-bio father sue a bio father for child support?

  I would contact a local attorney and explain your situation. In some cases, you may be able to sue the biological father for non-support. Just remember, if he didn't hav