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Is it possible to have a caesarean if you don't like vaginal births?

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I am sure the doctors would be delighted to charge you the extra fees involved for elective major surgery.
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Why don't you have a vaginal opening?

There is a thin membrane of skin, called the hymen, that covers the vaginal opening in most girls before they have engaged in sexual activity. The hymen will have some type of

What is a vaginal birth?

A vaginal birth is the normal and most common way of birthing a baby. The mother gives birth to the baby which is travelling head first out of the vagina (easy way of telling)

Can you have a vaginal birth after a c-section?

  Yes, there are times when it is possible to have a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC). Women who have a low transverse scar from the previous C-section are eligible for

What is vaginal birth?

  Well, your vagina is a hole between the lips of your genital betweem your legs on a woman. The women simply contracts the muscles to push the baby through the hole

What does caesarean birth mean?

  An unnatural birth. A natural birth is when the baby is born through the vagina, a caesarean birth is when the baby is born by cutting at the bottom part of a womens sto

Is a caesarean section or natural birth worse?

If by "natural birth" you mean vaginal birth (as opposed to drug free vaginal birth) then the recovery from a Cesarean is much longer and more painful. With an epidural the la

Is a Caesarean section C-section easier than giving birth naturally?

No. Overall, caesarean sections are reserved for when the  mother/baby are in distress, or there is some other sort of  complication.   With a C-Section, there is no pus