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Is it possible to have met your soul mate in a cheating married man or is it all just a fantasy?

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Time will tell. If he makes a clean break with his wife and treats her with respect and tells her the truth, then MAYBE he could be your soul mate. But only if he chooses you. If he stays with the comfort of the familiar life with his wife, he is not your soul mate. keep on looking and good luck. you sound heartbroken.
Yes You two can be soul mates, the fact that someone may be married is not a question of doubt to if he isn't yours. It is possible (people!) that he could be with the wrong person "his wife" and him not leaving his wife for you is not a sign of his love for you....maybe a greater sign of his love for his children. In other words...yes you two could be soulmates, he may be with the wrong woman but if he doesnt leave his wife for you...it does not prove or disprove that you are "the one" because perhapse he does not want to ruin a family "and does care for his wife" and his children and whoever may be involved in his choice to part from them. 5 is greater than one.
The only thing you can do is move on with your life........It wont end well for you.
On one hand if he leaves his wife...you will have to live with your own guilt and deal with the pains of that guilt and his divorce. on the other hand if he stays with his wife, you will be the one to be heart broken...even if your affair does not end. It will still sting not having the one you love and waiting for a change that will NEVER come.
I wish you good luck though.  I went through this but I would never want a man to leave his wife for me. He would most likely do it to me but I do think it is possible for your soulmate to be married to someone else. We do not always pick the right mate. The previous advice was very wise. Stay away from this person and move on if indeed this is your soul mate you can move to Africa and you to will find each other some time in the future.  Please see my response to "Has anyone gone from a mistress to a new wife and still feels the relationship was true love?" on this site. I have experienced the other side, but can remember what it was like to be where you are now. However, our promises to each other WERE fulfilled. My contact information is at the bottom of my entry if you would like to contact me personally. I certainly empathize with your situation.
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