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Is it possible to use the 240V oven outlet and convert the voltage to standard 120V with some kind of external adapter?

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Yes, but I do not know of an adapter per se. Expose your 220V power lines. There should be two hot wires (black and red). They can technically be split apart and wired to two separate 110V outlets, but the neutral wire would have to be shared (not split, shared), same with the ground wire. Don't do this. It is a hack and doesn't meet code. Just run the right wire.
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Why was 120V chosen as the standard voltage of homes in the US and not some other voltage?

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  Power adaptors are readily available that plug into Australia's 240v outlets, converting to 120v. Find them in travel, luggage and electronics stores.

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Someone has wired 240 volts into your 120 volt outlet. If you have 240 volts you need a specially configured outlet so that a standard 120 volt plug cannot be inserted. If you