Is it really necessary for adopted parents to change their adopted children's last names?

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When you get adopted you become one of their family and cut the ties with your former family. Most adoptive children never sees their biological parents again so having a strangers last name would make them feel not a part of the family.
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What can you do if your parents adopt you without adoption papers?

Answer . \nIn many cases when adoption papers haven't been signed this is a good indication that either someone in the family was pregnant with you and for reasons of their own could't look after you, so your adoptive parents took over. Even a friend of one of your adoptive parents. Most adopti (MORE)

How can you adopt a child that is your girlfriend's if her father is not in her life and she does not have his last name?

Answer . This should be done legally and you can either go to a lawyer or quietly go to your own attorney which handles these sorts of cases. If your girlfriend wants to give up her child to you, you will be checked out thoroughly to be sure you can offer this child a good environment, have the (MORE)

What is adoption?

An adoption of a child is when two parents who cannot have children on their own or have some other reason not to have biological children contact either and adoption agency or an orphanage to bring into their home a child whose parents could not take care of him/her. This is the simple answer.

How do you adopt?

Answer . I believe each state and each country has its own laws regarding adoption. If you want to adopt in the US check with your county social services agency and they will point you in the right direction. Out of country adoptions are handled by agencys so you may want to check your local pho (MORE)

How do you get adopted?

If you are mistreated or abandoned you have to report to the police or social worker. To get adopted as a teen is very difficult unless you know someone, a relative or someone else and then foster home is usually the start. Foster homes are more common. If it works the discussion about adoption can (MORE)

What was Edgar Allan Poe's adopted parents last name?

Edgar Allan did not have adopted parents. Poe had foster parents. He was taken in by Mr. and Mrs. John Allan; however they never adopted him. The Allans had Poe baptized "Edgar Allan Poe." The relationship between John Allan and Edgar Allan Poe was eventually very strained, but in honor of his foste (MORE)

Is Nicole Richie really adopted?

yes. Yes. I heard Lionel Richie in T.V. interveiw state that he adopted her. Either from a band memeber or one of his road crew that he was friends with.Thats all i remember. . Yes.. Her real dad was a drummer in Lionel Ritchie's band and her mother worked back stage. She was adopted by them wh (MORE)

Can you be adopted by a step parent and undo the adoption?

I know for a fact that in Florida you can not undo the adoption or terminate your parental rights, unless someone else is willing to adopt the child. I told an attorney what my wife had told me, prior to adopting her daughter, that if I adopted her and we divorced I could terminate my parental right (MORE)

How do adopted children feel about their adoptive parents?

They will probally always be curious about their past but still love the parents that they have eventhough they may try to hunt for their original parents. I ADORE my adoptive parents, they are the loveliest, kindest people you could ever meet, i feel very lucky but despite all of this, i will alwa (MORE)

What are Adoptables?

Adoptables are a virtual pet that children can adopt online. Thereare different pets that can be adopted and your child will have tocare for them to earn new things throughout the game.

Can we adopt him?

This question does not contain enough information to be answered. Who are you wanting to adopt? and WHY did you put this question in Bible Statistics and History, and Comparitive Denominations? Those categories have nothing to do with adoption. Here is the category about adoption: http://wiki.answe (MORE)

Who can adopt?

Many people can adopt but you would need to fill out some forms. Also it would be a good idea to do some research before you do.

Can your husband adopt your little girl and change her last name?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastname changed you have to go through the courts for a name change, if your child is over 14yrs they can r (MORE)

Do you really adopt a manatee?

Yes, with Save the Manatee Club, you can adopt a real live manatee with a known history and biography; not a symbolic manatee like other organizations. Also when you adopt a manatee through Save the Manatee Club you know that your contribution will go to save manatees and manatee habitat. Go to www. (MORE)

What is adopting?

Adoption is when you take in a child/baby that you did not birth. There are many steps in adopting a child and can be very emotional and may bring alot of down falls. But never the less adopting a child that needs a family and love is the right thing to do!!!

What is a adopted parent?

adopt parents are parents (mom, dad) that adopt a child/children... the child/children are NOT the parent's biologal child/chidlren, they had their REAL parents before but hey might have passed away or whatever... soemtimes a couple might adopt domeone in their family, a niece, nephew, cousin, etc.

Once family adopts can biological parents change mind?

Answer: An adoption is not allowed until rights of the child have been signed away and then there is usually a 10 to 30 day period the natural parents can change their minds no because that would be bad parenting and that would be cruel newtest3

Due to discovering your last name is an adopted last name and want to change last name your boy is four years old will he have any type of mental difficulty if you change his last name only?

If the boy is four years old he is probably used to using just his forename, not his last name. Nursery school workers etc do not usually use children's last names (ie surnames) when they are talking to children. If you and your boy have different last names, that would probably cause more difficult (MORE)

If you are adopted can you still keep your biological fathers last name?

If you want to yes you can. If there is someone who needs some conseling about products that you are having trouble w/ contact me. Adopting is a big change and takes some time. My cousin was adopted and was shy. Now she is a crazy freak! If you want to keep the name, you can. Just get your adoptive (MORE)

How do you get out of a adoption?

Depending on your age: . if you are under 13 you have no direct choice; you may be able to convince your case worker or therapist or guardian at litem that it's a really bad match, and they may object on your behalf. . if you are older than the age of 13 then you can decide whether to be ado (MORE)

Why did your parents adopt you?

Children are adopted for a variety of reasons. Here are a few: . The parents could not conceive a child on their own,. . The parents were unable to conceive to a healthy child. . The parents are homosexual, and therefore cannot conceive a child of their own. Whatever the reason, your (MORE)

What is adoption about?

Adoption is a process in which someone assumes the legalresponsibility of parenting a child who was born to someone else.

Should you change an adopted child's name?

yea i think that u can change a adopted child's name but that sonly if you would like to change his or her name your self not if they want to . Another Answer: Once a child grows up enough to understand the gift of adoption, it will be important to that child to know fully his or her given na (MORE)

Why and how did you get adopted?

You get adopted because your real parents couldn't look after you so they put you in a care home until someone comes along and becomes your foster parents an adopts you

Why did i get adopted?

Because either your parents thought you needed someone else to take care of you or social services took you off them cause they couldent look after you proper ley like me xox but they still love you no matter what xox and dont want you to go but sometimes it has to be that way xox dont worry if you (MORE)

What do you fromerly call your parents if you are adopted?

Depends. Some children who have contact with both they're biological and adoptive parents refer to both sets as "mom & dad". So I would talk to both sets and ask what they feel comfortable as to what you should call you're biological parents.

Parental rights on an adopted child?

Part of the adoption process involves the termination of rights of the biological parents. When the adoption is finalized, the adoptive parents assume the rights and responsibilities of the biological parents.

Can you adopt and change the child's first name?

Yes. When you adopt, a new birth certificate is issued, and that is the easiest time to change the child's name. (It can be done later, of course, but that involves another set of fees and a trip to the courthouse.)

Why do adoptive parents abuse their children?

This is a rarity; not common. Lately, in the news, there was a study that found that families have behaviors in common--not just limited to gestures, phrases or rates of learning. An adopted child comes from another family type and may have issues related to that biological behavior from the two fam (MORE)

Can you adopt a child after their adopted parent dies?

Once adopted the child becomes a part of that family just as if they were born into it. If the adoptive parents die the socialworkers will ask the relatives and if they can not the child will go to foster care and up fpor adoption again. But the birth parents can never adopt the child back.

What was the last name of Caesars adopted son Octavian?

Romans had a different naming scheme to modern English, with the common quoted historical name being their last name or given name (formal nickname), in the case of Octavian or Gaius Octavius, Octavian was his original family name with his first name being Gaius, which was Caesar's too (fyi)

Are you adopted?

No, I was a fosterchild with my aunt and uncle that I barely knewwhen we met.