Is it right to call your teacher teacher?

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Yes if it's okay with the teacher, especially if you're in kindergarten and can't remember your teacher's name. No if it's not okay with the teacher. I would ask first. It may be disrespectful. If the teacher says okay, be ready to be called student, green shirt boy, etc.
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What are teachers?

Answer . There are lot of teachers that are hired in The USA. Most of them are hired in Science and Mathematics. As for money which is a big issue for most of the teachers. Tachers doesn't really get that much. They start of with around $35to$40 thousand dollars depending on which state you teach (MORE)

What do teachers do?

The daily life of a teacher is; . planning lesson plans . teaching children with many levels of learning . standing yard duty . going to meetings . filling out forms required by the state and the district . doing grades . grading papers . observation of student behavior and work . parent co (MORE)

What does a teacher do?

A teacher teaches things from basic life skills to exotic arts. A teacher can be a mentor, a parent, a friend, or a hired professional. Teachers at schools generally teach the basics such as math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, and social skills. For teachers who (MORE)

What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person that shows and explains how to preform tasks that can later help people through their lives. Usually a teacher works at a school helping students between the ages of 4-20.

Are teachers always right?

n. No, teachers are not always right. They are normally right, ecpeccially if they are reading out of a text book :) nope nope they are not always right unless it it is fact to fact! :P

What is a Jewish teacher called?

Jewish teachers are called 'teachers' in English. In Hebrew, the word for teacher is 'morah' (f) or 'moreh' (m). A rabbi is a Jewish teacher. Rabbis are educated in Jewish law;therefore, they can interpret and make decisions, which allowstudents to get a better understanding.

What is a Zen Buddhist teacher called?

Typically, a Zen Buddhist teacher is called "sensei" and a senior sensei is called "roshi.". An ordained Zen priest who is sanctioned to teach typically changes his or her name to a dharma or Buddhist name.. For example, the present abbot or spiritual leader of the Rochester Zen Center used to be (MORE)

Why are teachers called teachers?

Teachers are called teachers because they teach. If you look carefully, the word 'teacher' have a 'teach' in it. The 'er' was added because it means someone who do a noun before the 'er'.

What are teachers for?

To relay information which can be used to get decent examination results, securing a decent job. Also, teachers are to show you how to read, write, and not be an overall moron sucking on their thumb. Parents may be more fun (sometimes) but teachers are more knowlageable on a certain subject and know (MORE)

Is it right for a teacher to have a favorite pupil?

Teacher's Favorite Ideally, the teacher would like all students equally and there would be no favorites, but just as there are people outside the classroom that we like better than others, there are students that teachers like better than others. It's natural for those students to become a teache (MORE)

When is the right time to punch your teacher?

It usually is never a good time but what if the teacher was hitting you?wouldn't it be good to defend yourself? in situations that require you to physically defend yourself it is then a good time to land a punch (with control so you don't really injure the man/woman).

Do substitute teachers have any rights?

Of course, a substitute teacher has all the rights and responsibilities a teacher has. Yes, the sub has the responsibilities of a teacher. But I disagree about rights. If there is a Substitute Teacher's Union or state organization in place, then there are rights. This is very rare. The truth is th (MORE)

What if there were no teachers?

The question speaks of something that by the nature of man is impossible. We are an inquisitive species, loving to learn, and we love even more being able to share it with others. Even animals "teach" their young. If all human teachers disappeared, new ones would take their place at once. The chang (MORE)

Does the teacher have the right to censor?

Yes, the teacher has the right to censor a student writting if published a read by a third party. However, the teacher must have permission from the principal or another district official. According to Hazelwood V. Kuhlkeier, a student author argued that censorship violated their first amendment rig (MORE)

Is it right for a teacher to have a crush on a student?

Assuming the student is a lot younger than them, it may be looked on as wrong because of the large age gap. Also, being a teacher means you should be professional, and having a crush on a student may make you more unprofessional. However, I suppose people can't help who they have crushes on. But te (MORE)

Are teacher aways right?

Not always. If you know (make sure you KNOW) they are wrong you could offer to correct them (just try no to get on their nerves (It really isn't worth it)). If it is something minor like a spelling mistake you might want to tell them in private so as not to embarrass them. Some teachers can get very (MORE)

What do you have to do when your a teacher?

As a teacher you do lots of things. Here is a few plan lessons do lesson plans and turn in to the administration each week collect all supplies needed for each lesson stand yard duty have parent conferences fill out various forms for the school/state take attendance keep accurate records keep grade (MORE)

Is it right to love a teacher?

Yes, so long as it is not your teacher and you are over 18. The majority of teachers get married and have families so it must be right.

Why to you have teachers?

Teachers are here for the purpose of sharing their information or skills with those who lack them.

What are Rights of teachers according to Islam?

There is no doubt that each one of us struggles so that his child becomes successful, and he rejoices when his child is studying and working hard, or when he becomes a scholar. On the other hand, he becomes saddened if this child is not successful and is expelled from school. These are natural feeli (MORE)

Do teachers have the right to limit student's rights?

While the courts have made various rulings in a variety of ways, a student actually has no more or less rights than an adult. An adult who walks into the store does not have the right to dress as he likes, smoke as he likes, yell (or argue) at clerks as he likes, fight with customers as he likes, (MORE)

Can teachers call students fat?

Calling Students Fat It's very doubtful that a teacher would be reprimanded for calling a student fat, though they might be reminded that heavy or overweight might be a better choice of words. So yes, unless a school has a policy that specifically states that a teacher cannot call a student fat, (MORE)

Is it right for a teacher to yell at students?

No. It is NOT right for a teacher to do that but if they have a good reason to, then yes. Like if you do something they asked you not to or ur hurting anouther student or somehting like that then yes. Bur if you feel like it was not right for them to do that to you, then tell some one.

What is Connie Talbot's teacher called?

Sorry, this is probably closely held information because of security and safety concerns. I think just normal precautions should be taken with famous people like Connie.

What were medieval teachers called?

There weren't schools or teachers in the middle ages. So, they weren't called anything. About 90% of the population couldn't read or write. _____________ There were schools and teachers in the Middle Ages. Most education was conducted by Monks, Priests and in some cases the Bishop. The Church (MORE)

Why do you have have Teachers?

So we can learn great skills to help us make our way through life, obtain good jobs. Teachers help us to understand what life is eventually going to throw at us and and to cope with any issues we face. Knowledge is Power to the Elbow!

What is a Mormon leader or teacher called?

Within the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the "Mormon" church), there are many different titles given to various leaders and teachers depending on their position. The top leader of the Church is referred to as the president and prophet of the Church. His official title is 'President so (MORE)

What are the dutie and right of a teacher?

In oder to be a teacher you have to be tollorable of students you must maintain a good attitude towards your students you must know what you are doing meaning knowing how to teach

Was there a religious teacher called Jesus?

Answer Scholars have several options on the historical Jesus: . Jesus was the son of God, and was crucified in Jerusalem around 30 CE; . Jesus was a wandering preacher who lived in Palestine in the first half of the first century but was probably not crucified by the Romans; . Jesus of Nazaret (MORE)

Why do teachers not have a right to speak religiously?

The reason teachers can't talk about religion is because parents are worried they might brainwash their kids. Everyone has their own biased opinion on religion so it's not proper to talk about religion, especially among young kids. There have actually been lawsuits on teachers because parents say th (MORE)

What is the teacher in Skellig called?

Rasputin=Science teacher The Yeti=The teacher that makes the assemblies Monkey=The maths teacher Mrs.Clarts=History teacher Mrs.Dandoo=One of the auxiliaries

What did Thomas Edison's teacher call him?

she was overheard calling him 'addled' meaning scrambled. also it was mentioned in the following Youtube video of what the teacher said to him, though i'm not sure they are her exact words.

Can a teacher take your phone and answer the call?

Depending on the rules of you school and the schoolboard, your teacher may or may not have the right to take the phone and answer the call if it is during school and it is interrupting a class. In most cases though the teacher will just ask you to hand over the phone.

How do you get the answer out of your teacher?

You talk to them a little bit and if they dont tell you the answer then, then you get them again and tell them you dont know the answer and they will keep explaining it to you and eventually the answer will come out

What are the Sikhism teachers called?

the sikh teachers are called gurus. there are eleven gurus but they all had the same light in them. 1. guru nanak dev ji 2. guru angad dev ji amar das ji 4. guru ram das ji 5. guru arjun dev ji 6. guru hargobing ji 7. guru har rai ji 8. guru har krishan ji 9. guru tegh bahadur ji 10. guru gob (MORE)

What is the head teacher of the Mormons called?

Depends on what you mean by "head teacher." If you are asking about founders, the answer would be Joseph Smith, Jr. If you are referring to people in charge of everything, (like the Pope is to Catholicism), the answer is the Prophet or President of the Church. If this question is more theologically (MORE)

What term do you call your teacher on collage?

In America, college professors with a doctorate should be called"Doctor Smith" where "Smith" is the last name. Those without adoctorate may be called "Professor Smith". The credentials of each teacher can usually be found in the coursecatalog, and the preferred term of address can usually be found (MORE)