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Is it right to call your teacher teacher?

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Yes if it's okay with the teacher, especially if you're in kindergarten and can't remember your teacher's name. No if it's not okay with the teacher. I would ask first. It may be disrespectful. If the teacher says okay, be ready to be called student, green shirt boy, etc.
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What do teachers do?

The daily life of a teacher is;   planning lesson plans  teaching children with many levels of learning  standing yard duty  going to meetings  filling out forms requir

What do you call a female french teacher?

a female teacher is "une professeur" in French. "madame" is used to address her. Une enseignante is the general term used - in a Primary school, she is une institutrice and

Do substitute teachers have any rights?

Of course, a substitute teacher has all the rights and responsibilities a teacher has.   Yes, the sub has the responsibilities of a teacher.   But I disagree about

What is a teacher?

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What do you call a female teacher?

Miss + Her Last Name (if she is not married), Mrs. + Her Last Name (if she is married), and you can always go with Ms. if you don't know In Spanish: maestra, sen~ora/sen~ori

What does a teacher do?

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Who is teacher?

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Is a students call his lady teacher madam or teacher what is right word for her?

We should call her as Miss, or Mrs(If she had a husband).   EG:   Mrs.Lee   Miss.Lee   We should call her as Miss, or Mrs(If she had a husband).   EG:   Mrs.

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It usually is never a good time but what if the teacher was hitting you?wouldn't it be good to defend yourself? in situations that require you to physically defend yourself it