Is it safe for baby to eat biltong?

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It must be safe, otherwise our grandparents would not give it to their grand children.
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Is airline babyfood safe for babies to eat?

Airline babyfood . Presumably it is safe, or else you'd be reading about multi-million dollar lawsuits against the industry.. What airlines offer baby food? My experience has always been that parents have to come prepared with their own food for infants, unless they want to share off their own trays (yuck). Best bet to make flying easiest on yourself and the passengers around you is to bring formula, drinks/snacks that you know your child will eat. Never assume an airline will have something baby will like - always bring extra food for the baby.

How safe is Albuterol on an unborn baby?

Albuterol is extremely safe if you are taking it for asthma. An alternative type is used in pregnancy to reduce uterine irritability for women who are at risk of premature labor, as it relaxes smooth muscle.

You are 14 and want a baby is it safe?

Answer . I'm sure you will love and care for your child very much but the reality of having a baby at 14 is this.... The father will end up in prison, you will end up stuck in your bedroom seriously depressed with a screaming, crying baby who will not shut up, day in day out for years and years, with your parents resenting you, your friends deserting you because they are out having a good time and some fun, you will have no money and no life and neither will your child.. Is that what you truly want for your life, your child's life and your baby's father's life all ruined?. I am talking to you as an adult and also as a mother If you want to be a responsible parent, wait until you have met a young man who has a job and are married to him, have a home of your own, money in the bank so you can give your child the best of everything.. Trust me here...You will ALWAYS wish you had finished school and met a good man and married him first and so will your child. So do the right thing- put this to one side, go back and fnish school, get a job, meet that man!!.

Is it safe to eat shrimp whilst pregnant if the baby might be allergic to shrimp?

shrimp while pregnant . no. definatley not. if there are any possibility of allergies stay clear of them.. There are certain fish food's you cannot eat while your pregnant because of the mercury, but yes you can have shrimp. Whoever wrote the above answer probably cannot get pregnant and is mad at the world. Go ahead just stay away from a whole bunch of albacore tuna. Eat the shrimp!

Is it safe to paint around baby?

It is not always safe to paint around a baby. The chemicals in thepaint can irritate the baby, or the baby may have a reaction to thechemicals. Keep the room well ventilated as you paint so when youdo bring the baby back home, the room will be aired out.

What is biltong?

A biltong is a snack that originated in South Africa nearly 400years ago. Although similar to American jerky, this type of driedmeat is thicker and cured differently. It is made of various typesof lean meat, mainly beef, and is sliced in strips, sticks, orchips.

When is it safe to circumcise a male baby?

Circumcision has risks at any age, especially for infants. While most It is never safe to circumsise a baby. circumcisions do not have serious complications, there are risks to the procedure, including severe pain, prolonged bleeding, and infection. Every year there are a small number of deaths due to complications of infant circumcision. There are also cases of surgical error causing irreversible injuries to the penis. Given that circumcision has known medical risks and no known medical benefits, most doctors recommend against circumcision. Circumcision is safest with adult or adolescent men who are able to keep the surgical site clean following the surgery. Circumcision is extremely uncommon in most of the world, and even in the United States circumcision is far less common now than it once was. During the 1970s and 1980, around 80% of male infants were circumcised in the United States. A study conducted in the United States from 2005-2007 found that circumcision rates had fallen to below 40% in most of the United States. In the western United States, fewer than 25% of infant males were circumcised in 2005-2007. Circumcision can have long lasting consequences. Circumcision removes a normal part of the penis that functions to protect the glans of the penis. Removal of the foreskin can cause decreased sensitivity of the penis and decreased pleasure during sexual intercourse. This is yet another reason why circumcision is becoming increasingly uncommon.

Is filled milk safe for babies?

Filled milk is not safe for babies as if it is not handled properlyit may cause several problems to babies. Mothers milk is alwayssafe for babies.

Are dogs safe around babies?

I'm not sure if you are asking about the safety of the baby or the dog. But it depends on the particular dog, as far as the safety of the baby. Some dogs are fine with babies, others might be too rough or get nervous and bite the baby.

Can i eat Biltong during pregnancy?

I did not know what biltong was but after researching it (and correct me if I'm wrong) it's raw , dried beef that is smoked . I would think because it is raw that you should avoid it. However I would just ask your doctor to be on the safe side.

How do you make biltong?

Ok. This will be very quick and basic ,but will have you as happy as ever with the results. I was born in Pretoria, South Africa so i have been surrounded by biltong my whole life. So i learnt a few tricks or two.Here is a recipe that has proven to be liked the most by all my friends and familyGet about a kilo of silver side beefHalf a cup vinegar .preferably apple cider or brown 2 tbs of coriander2 tbs of course saltHalf tbs whole black pepper1 tsp of your favourite herbs eg. Thyme etcTry to find some dried garlic or onions from a supermarket .they usually come in a special grinder with some other spices .but this is optional though greatly affects the flavour. Now you ready to start the processOk now that you have everything .lets get started.Cut your meat into 1cm thick strips leaving the single layer of fat on.Now take the rock salt and sprinkle on a plate.then place the meat on the plate and sprinkle the other side of the meat to get an even coat .now put in the fridge once evenly coated. After 15 mins take out and rinse the salt of with vinegar NOT WATER! Dont wash every last bit of salt of. Leave a bit .Now take spices and crush then and make an even mix. And if you like you can add about a quarter tsp of bicarb soda to the spice mix to prevent mould growth in more humid places .but this is not required.Evenly pat down the spices into the meat making sure its an even coat to prevent put in fridge for 2 hours making sure the meat is not resting in its own blood or juices.Now you ready to hang.I use a biltong maker that i made in 20mins . Just take a box . Put a piece of cable or a wooden rod trough the top for the meat to hang. Then take a 60watt lightbulb and put on the bottem of the box making sure to cover the bulb so juices don't drip on it. Then make a few holes in the top so the warm air can rise over the meat and exit. Pretty simple. You can also Google the "biltong box" for more detail. Hope you have great success with my trademark recipe .im sure you can impress your friends and fam wherever in the world you are. Feel free to ask me questions and give me feedback on your success

Is painting around babies safe?

House-painting or art-painting? Art would be perfectly safe. House-paints might be dangerous if they give off particularly strong odours - many paints have 'volatiles' in them, and these can be dangerous to humans if the area being painted is not properly ventilated. Water-based paints, such as emulsion, would be less problematic..

What toys are safe for babies?

Some soft toys, like non-toxic rubber toys. No stuffed toys, because dust mites do live in stuffed toys. No sharp or pointed objects, like legos and robots. For under 3 years old, don't give them small objects because they'll swallow they tend to put everything in their mouths.

Is Biltong illegal in America?

I was born in south Africa and live in CA now, so I know 1st hand how yummy biltong is (beef jerky is the closest American counterpart yet its not as good). Actual biltong is not illegal in the US but you'd have to make it yourself which is quite a process or have a South African butcher make it (some great ones in Irvine, CA). However it IS illegal to bring it into the country from regulations I guess. So if you can get your hands on some enjoy it and know the difficulty of getting it makes it that much better =)

How do you have a baby safely?

\nprenatal care is key. Remember having a baby is a natural thing, but have emergency care close by because the birth rarely goes as planned. Have someone with you who can be your advocate. Your question leads to more questions could you be more specific?\n. \nDiane

Are baby shampoo conditioners safe?

Human skin pH is around 5.2 to 6.2. A dogs skin is ranges 6.2 to 8.62 depending on the breed. Using a shampoo or conditioner made for a humans more acidic skin on your dog can actually do more harm than good. It can dry out the coat and possibly make the skin more prone to disease. Look for a gentle tearless pH balanced dog shampoo and conditioner.

Is eating baby power safe?

Well that's a bit strange but ok. I have seen no evidence that it can be harmful. Although i do not recommend letting small children ingest it as it could irritate the lungs and cause harm

What week of pregnancy is safe to have the baby?

A baby is counted as 'viable' (able to survive) from 24 weeks of pregnancy but I would not call that safe. 33% of babies born at 24 weeks, 19.9% at 23 weeks, and 9.1% at 22 weeks live long enough to be discharged from hospital. Not surviving but being discharged. So only a third survives from 24 weeks and usually with damages. It's in those last weeks the lungs are developing so I would say week 38 when you have gone the whole pregnancy is the safest. A few weeks before that can also be safe, it depends on the fetus condition and development.

Is biltong bad for you?

No biltong is not bad for you and in fact it makes you eat less. This is pure protein that you are eating, meaning it keeps you full and keeps you away from those snack times

How do fish keep there babys safe?

There are many species of fish that do not protect their young at all. The ones that do protect their offspring usually keep the young together in a group and move them from place to place regularly. They will also drive away other fish from the vicinity of their young.

Where do baby penguin stay safe?

Did you know that some some penguins will mate for life, but others choose their mates just for one season. Regardless, penguin parents usually work together to take care of their little baby penguins until the babies are grown. The male penguin is actually the one responsible for incubating the baby penguin egg until it hatches. I am amazed at how adult penguins take care of their baby penguins in the extreme cold that some of them live in with such harsh conditions. When baby penguins are hatched, they are covered with a grayish-colored down that protects the babies from the cold as much as possible. During their nesting period, baby penguins stay in the nest where they are fed by their parents. At a certain point, when the parents determine that their baby penguins are at an age where they don't require constant supervision and care from their parents, they are sometimes grouped in "nurseries" with other baby penguins and they stay in the nursery while their parents are out hunting for food. What's really neat, is that the parents and baby penguins both have no problem recognizing each other among hundreds of other penguins. I think that's awesome. When a baby penguin loses its soft downy feathers and gets its adult feathers ( plumage ), it can then begin to be more independent from it's parents and start to take care of itself. Yes that is so true. Did you watch the film called March of the Penguins? That is a movie i recommend if you want to know more about penguins.

Are black lights safe for babies?

Black lights are not safe for babies. Their eye's are still developing, if babies are exposed to the UV black light they need protection for their eyes. Parents will not know the UV lights are dangerous until damage is already done and it can not be reversed. If in doubt it is best not to have your babies exposed to this light until they are older and their eye sight is not so vulnerable. Always, check with your pediatrician and have the doctor check the babies eyes if the baby has been exposed to the UV light.

Is lip balm safe for babies?

Yes, if you use a safe one for sensitive skin. Once I even found a lip balm just for kids and babies. Be sure it's not for looks, but to keep lips from getting dried and cracking.

Is Baby K'tan safe?

Baby K'tan - baby carrier is one of the safer baby sling designs. This is because the baby is securely held upright close to the parent's chest. This means the baby is not slouched - which might impede breathing and the parent can keep a very close eye on the baby. I know many people have used it and were very satisfied.

Is it safe to give babies corn?

When a baby can sit up unassisted it is safe to start them on mashed vegetables, including corn - with their doctor's OK.

When is it safe to pierce babies ears?

Whether it's safe or not - why should you? The baby won't have a clue to what you're doing and will just see it as a surprise pain. Why would you want to do that to your child? Also, early exposure to impure metals is thought to increase the risk of the child developing nickel allergies. How able do you think you'll be to control what gets put in those ears over the years?

Is it safe to have a baby at 28 weeks?

No. The baby and especially the lungs are not fully developed yet but if there is nothing else to do they have to be born. This is something you need to discuss with your doctor.

What animal does biltong come from?

If you look in the series of the Children of the Lamp by some author with the last name of Kerr, then John states his focus word to be biltong. He explains that this is a sort of poop from a camel. Hope it helps! This is an awsome series by the way...

Is it safe to eat orphan babies?

As I said before I was wrongly blocked: Troll go away! does not welcome internet trolls. I don't believe for a second you truly believe you can EAT BABIES and there are no laws that allow it just because they don't have parents. So no it's not safe - you will be spending life in prison sentenced for murder and cannibalism.

Can you make lamb biltong?

Yes you can indeed, all you do is cut your lamb into the desired size strips, soak in a cup vinegar mixed with 125ml worcester sauce for about an hour , remove and let drip, the in a bowl combine salt, cayane pepper, black pepper, peri peri spice, corriander seeds split and a lttle garlic salt. Cote the lamb in this spice and place in an airtight contaainer, marinade over nite. Then put on biltong hooks and placer in a biltong maker

Is food colouring safe for babies?

Yes, absolutely, in fact it is very good for their immune systems. I am a doctor, and this may be surprising but food coloring is very beneficial for their health.

What baby cribs are not safe for babies?

Older cribs should be avoided because the slats are often too far apart and a baby can strangle. Adjustable side rail cribs and cribs with cutouts should not be used for the same reason. The finish must also be examined since some older cribs may have paint that contains lead.

How safe is 4D ultrasound for the baby?

When done by a qualified technician in a clinical or hospital setting, 4-D imaging is safe. Unless there is a doctors referral for it and there is a need for it, most insurance companies will not pay for this type of ultrasound.

Is it safe to paint a baby bassinet?

Babies are known for putting everything in their mouth, or trying to chew things if that is not possible. Therefore, when painting any baby item it is necessary to use baby safe paint, such as TimberSoy or SoyCrete.

What type of a food is biltong?

Biltong is a type of cured meat originally from South Africa. It is not to be confused with jerky although it is similar in composition. It can consist of beef, ostrich or other game animals.

What is a baby-safe Christmas ornament?

A baby-safe Christmas ornament should be large and shatter-proof. Usually, this means a large plastic ornament must be purchased. This way, the ornament can not be swallowed, and it can not be shattered, which could potentially hurt the baby.