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Is it safe for pregnant women to take bleach baths?

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Taking bleach baths is not safe for anyone. Your skin is covered with a natural protecting substance called gamma globulin. Bleach baths destroy this protective layers, and irritate the skin, as well.
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If a man and women take a bath commonly then does the women get pregnant?

  Merely sharing a bath will not get a woman pregnant, even if the man would ejaculate into the water. Getting pregnant pretty much requires intercourse, or at least that

Is it okay for women to take a hot bath when trying to get pregnant?

Don't take a hot bath right after sex during ovulation, but otherwise, no worries! While trying to conceive, I think that it's highly important to find ways to relax. It wil
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Is it safe for a male to take bleach bath?

Yes its fine for a male 2 tke a bleach bath...I give One 2 ma  son like 2-3 tymes a wk nd maself...nthn is wrong w/ it...nthn  gonna happen 2 u...  +++  No of course not..