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Is it safe to take 5-htp while pregnant?

Although there has been no human research I could find regarding 5-HTP and pregnancy, on the AHA website, there is a study involving pregnant rats and 5-HTP. Pregnant rats adm (MORE)

Is it safe to take 5 mg oxycodone with ambien?

i don't know how much my friends usually take.. but they take it for the high so why not try it, they usually take 1 and a half ambien and snort half a oxy so im going to go a (MORE)
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Can you take 5 htp with 5mg of diazepam safely together?

5HTP raises the neurotransmitter serotonin levels in the brain. Diazepam makes the neurotransmitter GABA more available in the brain. These two medications do not interact bec (MORE)
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Is 5 hour energy safe?

Yes, 5 Hour Energy is safe to consumer. You can also check out which can provide you additional information on the 5 Hour Energy drink. I hope this helps (MORE)

Is it safe to take both doses of 5 mg of adderall at the same time?

Many people use much higher doses every day. I currently take 20mg in the morning, and sometimes 5mg in the pm. Doses as high as 150mg per day are prescribed. Of coarse only (MORE)