Is it safe to travel by airplane?

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Yes. Statistically speaking it is the safest mode of common travel.
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How safe are airplanes?

As safe as they reasonably could be. In order to maintain air-worthiness, the FAA requires airplane owners to adhere to a very strict set of maintenance and repair regulations

Are airplanes safe?

Aircraft accidents are not only exceptionally rare, but alsofrequently survivable.

Is it safe to travel by airplane with an ankle fracture?

Yes, it should be safe to travel by airplane with an ankle fracturehowever, if possible it might be sensible to have a companiontravel with you to help with luggage. It might

Is it safe to travel on airplane with pneumonia?

it is only safe if your doctor tells you it is, it might be safe for you but it wont be safe for people around you because the germs are in the air for a however long the jour

What makes a jet airplane safe?

The top surface of a wing is curved, the bottom is more flat. When the wing cuts through the air, the air must travel along the top surface faster than the bottom surface, in

Is an airplane safe?

it is a proven fact that air travel is still the safest and fastest way to travel in comparison to car, or bus or train.

Is flying private airplanes safe?

Answer: Probably. The FAA mandates very strict guidelines pertaining to the operation, maintenance and repair of all aircraft, including privately owned and operated aircra

Are airplanes safe to ride in?

Compared to other modes of transportation, Planes are the safest mode of travel. However, I would note that they are also the lowest number of transportation as well, and don'

Is Cape air a safe airplane?

I havent flown with cape air my self but i know that my friend flew with them, She said the hospitality was exelent and would recommend flying with them. So i would say they a

Are airplanes safe from lightning strikes?

Generally, yes. Aircraft don't have a "path to ground", so there is no particular attraction of lightning to aircraft. However, lightning does occasionally strike aircraft,