Is it safe to use a tampon if you are spotting while you are pregnant?

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No, it is not safe to use tampons for spotting at any time.

Tampons don't just absorb blood they also absorb vaginal moisture needed to protect the vaginal tissues, thus tampons cause small tears in the vaginal walls which increases risks of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) by giving bacterial toxins responsible for TSS direct access to the bloodstream. Without sufficient flow damage is increase and so in turn risk of TSS is increased too.

Tampons also give bacteria and yeast the perfect place to multiply so are a common cause of vaginal infections such as yeast infections and Bacterial Vaginosis, which you're already at higher risk of contracting during pregnancy and can be more difficult to treat in pregnancy.

If you have spotting then use a pantiliner, pad, or period underwear - the latter are likely going to be more comfortable as they're just like normal underwear, Lunapanties would be best. You could also use menstrual cups or softcups which are internal but much safer and more hygienic than tampons.
Yes, unless the doctor says not to. Just treat it the same way you would during a period and be sure to change it often. I, personally, wouldn't suggest it because your body needs to get rid of fluids, the tampon could cause an infection and harm the baby. Use pads instead.
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