Is it serious if a baby bumps his head?

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Probably not.
I was holding my 6 month old son in my arms as I sat in a rocking chair. He suddenly jerked in my arms and fell to the floor, hitting his head on the carpet, which was laid over concrete.
I was sick with worry.
He's now 22 and shows no signs of any ill effects.
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Is it serious if you hit your head and get a big bump right above your forehead?

Answer . I encountered such a case as a 2 year old infant. I fell down a flight of stairs and was admitted to the hospital when my mom found me with a huge bump slightly ab

What are enormous bumps on the back of your head that started with one or two but now there are a lot of them and could they be serious?

Answer . \nMy daughter recently was diagnosed with a fungus growing in her right ear. The specialist said it was very unusual and gave her the antibotics to cure it. I took

Is a large painful bump above my temple on my head serious?

this is a fairly broad question, so firstly if you have hit your head recently then you really should go to a doctor. If you're talking about a, painful when pressed, red lump

What to do when you bump your head?

Apply an ice pack the the area to reduce swelling. If the scalp hasbeen cut, apply direct pressure and seek medical attention if thebleeding does not stop. In the absence of b

One year old baby falls and hits his head how serious can it be?

You should be transporting this baby to the nearest hospital instead of asking a question about what to do ... injuries to infants can be serious and often fatal if not treate
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What if your baby fell of the bed and bumped his head?

Well if its crying then that's ok but if it fell anywhere near its soft spot which is located on the top of a babys head where the brain is,then you need to go to the doctor N
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What is the bump on my head?

See a doctor. Immediately. Based on the information you've given,it could be serious.