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Is it true black men have bigger penises than white guys?

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No - it's a myth. Every guys penis is in direct proportion to the rest of their body.
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Is it true that African American men have bigger penises than Caucasian men?

In recent studies black men came up third on largest average penis size. 1. Arabs 2. Caucasian 3. African American But my personal belief as a doctor is that all men

Why is it said black men are bigger than white men?

NOT TRUE AT ALL. Alot of black guys have small penises. I've been with both. My ex was white and had a really HUGE penis. When we had sex...he literally almost broke me in hal

Do black men have larger penises than white men?

Black men vary in size just as much as white men. The story is a myth and a generalization that does not hold true for all individuals within a race. A review, conducted by

Is it true that oriental men have smaller penises than black or white men?

Rubbish! I am "oriental" and am hung like a horse. My answer: I'm not the type to stereotype, but I like men of all races and while not all black men are well hung (though sl

Why do black males have bigger penises and muscles and are generally bigger than white or Asian etc males?

Black males' penises are generally larger than whites and Asians because black females generally have larger vaginal cavities than white or Asian women. As far as more muscle

Why do black men have bigger penises and black women have bigger asses?

Firstly if you reading this as a ignorant rasist or childish adult that needs to grow up then read but keep you comments to your self... Hi firstly one cannot generalize as

Why are black mens penises bigger than others?

As no legitimate scientific research has been conducted to study penis size and growth, the belief that black males have larger penises than whites is thought by many to be a

Is black men penises bigger?

Not all black men have bigger dicks; iv been with several black men. Only 2 of them were really big. im talkin 8+ inches. the others were just average, 5-6".

Why do black men have a bigger penis than white men?

    They're not always bigger. I've seen first hand some white penises longer than black. If they are bigger - it's just luck. Or they enhanced it somehow. probably

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Do black men have bigger penis's than white men?

There are many urban myths purporting correlations between various races and penis size. However, to date, there has been no conclusive evidence that race and penis size are a