Is it true that 0.099 is bigger than 0.1?

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No not at all, you see 0.1 is equivalent to 0.10 or 0.100 or ever many zeros you would like to add after the 1 the value will stay the same. So you see, 0.1000 is bigger than 0.099, just like 0.5 is bigger than 0.49.
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Is 0.55 bigger than 0.1?

You can add as many zeros on to either number and it is still the same. make it .55 vs .10 is that easier to answer? The answer is yes .55 is bigger than.10 :-)

Which is greater 0.099 or 0.1?

O.1 is greater but they are very close to being the same number. If you add zeros to the 0.1 you see that 0.1 = 0.100 and 0.100 is greater than 0.099

Is 0.1 bigger than 0.10?

These are two ways of writing the same number, therefore neither is larger or smaller, they are equal.