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Is it true that hot water freezes faster than cold water?

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Hot water does not freeze faster than cold water. Nor does cold water boil faster than hot water. For water to freeze, you must remove enough heat to bring its temperature down to 0 C. The colder the water is, the less heat you have to remove before it freezes. Answer I have no idea why this rumor is cirulating the net and the world. It is just totaly insane to even think that that could be true. If you have just heated the water to 100 degrese, then it has that much more to cool down to 0. If the waterisat 30 then it is obvious that the 30 degree would cool faster. Really now. Answer It's not exactly a rumor, it's true...at least sometimes. In scientific communities it's called "The Mpemba Effect" and was named after a Tanzanian student named Erasto Mpemba who first raised the question in the late 60s. When a container of water is placed in a freezer, there are many factors which can affect the length of time it will take to freeze, and under the proper combination of circumstances, a given volume of hot water in a container may freeze faster than the same volume of cold water. So, the best answer is, "Sometimes."
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If you are asking if stuff dissolves faster in hot water then in cold water, the answer is yes. If that is not what you are asking, you'll have to clarify your question.

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