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Is it true that if you pour coke on pork the pork will have maggots in about two hours?

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This is an urban legend. The only way to birth maggots on your pork is to leave it outside. Coke has nothing to do with this urban legend. I have performed such experiments in controlled environments and can confirm maggots do not develop due to the introduction of Coke. What you might see is:

1. Residue from the carbonation that has coagulated the protein structure of the pork.
2. Acids that have started to cook the pork and brought out amino acids that were inside the pork.

I would have to say, this "legend" holds true when you get the cheap pork, as it has been tested with various "brands" of pork, and some worked and some didn't. My suggestion, go get yourself some expensive pork, and some cheap pork and a good bottle of coca cola and try this out for yourself. Remember to wash your hands because I don't eat pork because pigs don't sweat (sweating is a way to rid your body of toxins) No, it's not maggots. What happens is that the fats rise to the surface of the pork, which is caused by the bubbles in the coke. It's just fat. It's not alive nor is it any kind of parasite. It's just another part of the pork, hidden beneath the meat. It's not a "maggot," it's called a "trichina worm," a small slender parasitic nematode, which infests the intestines of various mammals,including the "pig"! It doesn't matter whether the pork is expensive or cheap,it only matters how you cook it.(Well,that's if you're going to eat it!) Raw or improperly cooked pork can KILL YOU!It's not good for you,and I'm counting on that after you've seen this video,pork will be the last thing to touch your plate. It's hard to know if you've been infected by these worms (having trichinosis) because almost all people with trichinosis show no symptoms - and some people have found the disease in autopsies of people who never knew that they were infected!
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