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Is it true that left handed people have a shorter life expectancy than right handed people?

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Yes..... Well that's what people and research say.
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Can People Write With Their Right And Left Hand?

Most people can only write with one hand. Those who are right-handed write with their right hand, and those who are left-handed write with their left hand.   Those who can

Why are people left-handed or right-handed?

That is controlled by the brain, which can be conditioned. Early-stage Alzheimer's patients (in the US) are being taught to use the opposite of their dominant hand to inspire

Is it true that right-handed people live longer than left-handed people?

Right-handed on people, on average, do live longer than Left-handed people. The primary reason for this being accidents with tools, which are predominantly designed for the

Is it true that left-handed people have a shorter life expectancy than right-handed people?

Answer   There is no difference in life expectancy between left and right handed people. There was a controversial study done in 1980 by Halpern & Coren that suggested le

Why people are right handed and left handed?

Well, if you are both handed, it means that you are ambidextrious. These people sometimes become ambidextrious by practicing constantly with the opposite hand. There are diffe

What is the ratio of right handed to left handed people in the US?

I'm not 100% sure about this, but I have been doing a report on asymmetries betweent the right and left hands and the differences in these asymmetries between right- and left-

Do left hand people die 7 years sooner than right hand people?

To be honest, I don't really think it makes any kind of difference. A study published in 1991 claimed that statistics indicate that left-handed people's lifespans are shorte
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Who is smarter left handed people or right handed people?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest right handed people are smarter than left handed people. Some studies have indicated a small (and perhaps coincidental) correlatio