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Is it true that left handed people have a shorter life expectancy than right handed people?

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Yes..... Well that's what people and research say.
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Is it true that left-handed people have a shorter life expectancy than right-handed people?

Answer   There is no difference in life expectancy between left and right handed people. There was a controversial study done in 1980 by Halpern & Coren that suggested le

How can you prove that Left handed people write faster than right handed?

    The opposite may be true, as we lefties are "pushing" over the writing, whereas right handed writing is "pulling away" from it. At the very least, right handed wri

Are right handed people smarter than left handed people?

There is no scientific evidence to suggest right handed people are smarter than left handed people. Some studies have indicated a small (and perhaps coincidental) correlatio

Are left-handed people more creative than right handed?

actually, it is good that you said the word creative, and not artistic. in a term yes, because you are using the rihgt hand side of the brian mor eoften (the creative side). h

Why are people right and left handed?

I know why. A lot of people train themselves to be like that, but most are born like that. It's a genetic thing and most people don't find out until they use both hands.

Why people are right handed and left handed?

Well, if you are both handed, it means that you are ambidextrious. These people sometimes become ambidextrious by practicing constantly with the opposite hand. There are diffe

Why are more people right handed than left handed?

It is the way we evolved.My hypothesis is that humans advanced over  other hominids because of our throwing skills. 90% of world  population lives in the northern hemisphere