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Is it true that left handed people have a shorter life expectancy than right handed people?

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Yes..... Well that's what people and research say.
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Can People Write With Their Right And Left Hand?

Most people can only write with one hand. Those who are right-handed write with their right hand, and those who are left-handed write with their left hand.   Those who can

Why are people left handed?

  because the nerve endings int he right hand has less muscle and it also means that at birth the left hand was the hand to come out at first.

Are left handed people mentally challenged?

No. In fact, people who are left handed tend to be more creative and smarter. Watch and see how many actors are left handed!

Do left hand people die 7 years sooner than right hand people?

To be honest, I don't really think it makes any kind of difference. A study published in 1991 claimed that statistics indicate that left-handed people's lifespans are shorte

Are left handed people evil?

No. I myself am left-handed. You might think I'm biased for that reason, but I know plenty more left-handed people and they're delightful people

Do they have left handed watches for left handed people?

Yes, they have the winder / adjuster knob on the left side of  the casing so they can be worn on the right wrist. You can see a  selection of left-handed watches here   h

How many people are right handed?

The ratio of left handed people to right handed people is 1:10 and there are around 6,692,030,277 in the world, so that means that around 6 022 827 249 right handed people.
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Are left handed people smarter?

Some people think so, others don't (and i think i read somewhere that left handed ppl are smarter, but i don't think that's nesscarry true though)... So it's kinda hard to tel

Why do left handed people die before right handed people?

because let handed people are stupid, and they don't know how to write with their right hand and most left handed people don't even have a brain..... GO SUPERMAN