Is it true that santinist Anton laveys last words on the day he died were ''oh my god what have i done'' or something to that effect?

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it is doubtful to say the least.
the only reference i can find to the last words of LaVey are from a youtube video posted by a christian channel called 'FreeCDTracts'.

the claim:
in the video a woman claims that she "heard" (from who?) that a "big leader and founder" of a satanic organization had before he died had a revaluation and in shock called out 'oh my, oh my what have i done...'. oh and just so were clear at the time he was getting ready to die he was also "passing on his powers". After this short clip the video continues to show what happens to YOU in HELL when you are disobedient to GOD.

the facts:
the sources say that LaVey died on oct 29 1997 in a catholic hospital located in San Francisco. he died of pulmonary edema a complication of heart failure. it is a nasty way to die with fluid invading the lungs making it even harder for an already weakens body to absorb enough oxygen.

Anton LaVey's life was bulls*** but the claims made by this christian production are worst than that. the claims are propaganda. Its not meant for the strayed we belong to the devil but at the youth who were born to god. Those who might look up to someone like him(or say Marlyn Manson), those who might leave the church. why go through all the trouble building a wall to keep folks in when you can simply plant a seed, a seed of doubt that will keep them in line with little work.

for actual dirt on ASL check out this fact sheet witch includes sources:

or for more on LaVey's brand follow the link:
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Who is Anton Szandor LaVey?

Anton LaVey is the person generally considered to be the person who brought Satanism into the public eye. There were satanists before him, but it's not something they would pu

What year was Anton lavey born?

He was born on the 11th of April 1930 and he died on the 29th of October 1997. Wrong, he is still alive. I know his son Jess Lavey via my pastor who was present in Jess's home

Is Anthony jess lavey really the son of Anton szandor lavey?

No. He has been discredited, and could never prove his claims of being Anton LaVey's son. At least one of the original news sources covering his story (Cornerstone Magazine) i

Was Anton lavey a mason?

No. Anton LaVey was not a Mason, nor were any aspects of Satanic philosophy masonically inclined.

Why did Anton LaVey denounce Satan as a literal being?

LaVey was ultimately a materialist, and while he would occasionally entertain the idea of magic, in general (both in public and private) he generally denied any sort of "super

Did Anton LaVey become Christian?

No, quite the opposite. He like the works of Crowley, but remained his own man. He wrote the satanic bible, a direct opposite of the teachings of the Christian bible.

Are essays by Anton LaVey from The Cloven Hoof archived online?

If they are, it is on their servers and require membership within the CoS to access. They are extremely strict on copyright and have gotten pretty good over the years at sniff

Is it true that the Satanic Church of Anton LaVey doesn't believe that Satan exists as a being and their deity?

Anton LaVey is an atheist. Not a satanist. If you read his satanic bible you will find that he doesnt believe in god or Satan. He used Satan as a symbol for mans carnal desire
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How old is Anton LaVey?

Anton LaVey was born on April 11, 1930 and died on October 29, 1997. Anton LaVey would have been 67 years old at the time of death or 85 years old today.