Is it true that you can tell what kind of a person someone truly is by just looking at what their favorite things are such as colors animals hobbies etc?

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Can you tell if someone is anorexic just by looking at them?

Answer . \nSometimes at the beginning of anorexia it's difficult to tell, but as the person gets further into anorexia they begin to look drawn in the face, their collar b

How do you tell someone that you truly love them?

Say it to their face - no matter how dumb or cheesey you feel! Let them know that you will always be there for them ... and that you'll never ever let them down! Tell them you

Can you tell if someone has Autism just by looking at them?

i don't know. probably not.. Sometimes you can tell if a child is a little quirky and doesn't quite understand others verbal and non verbal cues. Some people have autistic te

Can people tell a persons emotions just by looking at their eyes?

I'm no expert but, if you are close enough to someone and you know they trust you in some way or another you can tell how they are feeling on a simple level. looking into some

What can you tell about a person if he is kind to animals?

Usually if a person is kind to an animal it means they have respect for life and a deep understanding (whether conscious or not) that anything which can grow breathe and sleep
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How can you tell if an animal is a mammal just by looking at it?

The first thing is its size. Mammals are usually quite large. Warm-blooded , hair, three middle ear bones, and specialised teeth. To know straight away if it is a mammal, you
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How can you tell someone who truly loves you?

This is the most difficult question of all. Many people go through their entire lives not being able to figure this out. People are strange and complicated creatures. Our