If you are being mentally abused can this cause you to become verbally abusive?

Answer . \nYes. Even the meekest person can come to a point where they've been backed into a corner one time too many and come out fighting. When someone mentally abuses (MORE)

Would a relationship be considered ''abusive'' if random unkind words are spoken during arguments or a pattern of repeated episodes for no reason?

Answer . There is no such thing "as no reason." Instead of arguing go to a coffee shop or a public place where you can have a little privacy and discuss what problems the (MORE)

Are you verbally abusive if you have spoken approximately six cuss words in a 30-year relationship during an outpouring of pent-up frustration?

Answer . Swear words don't define an "abusive" relationship entirely. Ask yourself these questions:\n. \nHave you ever raised your voice to your spouse?\n. \nHave you ev (MORE)

Is it verbal or mental abuse if unkind words are spoken once or twice during disagreements over a 25-year period or is verbal and mental abuse a repetitive barrage of insults criticisms and put-downs?

Answer . Abuse can be one word, or 500 words. Anything said with the intention of hurting your feeings, self esteem, or person.. Although, there are quite a few people who (MORE)

Is a victim of mental or verbal abuse a result of one or two disagreements in which unkind words were spoken or a constant diet of insults and controlling behavior?

Everyone gets short tempered and rude at times...and human beings don't act ideally towards each other 100% of the time. An isolated incident of name calling or yelling doesn' (MORE)

Is everything considered abuse these days and is it possible to live in a sterile relationship where not one unkind word is spoken?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nIt is shortsighted to think of everything that is said seriously or emotionally as abuse, but things can get out of hand in a relationship if there are (MORE)

Will he change after 25 years of verbal and mental abuse?

not very likelyA person who has been an abuser for twenty-five years is probably not ever going to change on their own. With the help of a professional it could be possible if (MORE)

How do you get over verbal abuse?

If one has grown up in a verbally abusive atmosphere it takes the victims self confidence away and makes them feel lesser than their peers. There are two ways to overcome this (MORE)

What to do if your ex abuses you verbally or mentally?

If youur ex talks to youu bad , ignore it && if it keeps goin' on , do it back . If he says some really mean stuff about a friend or family member , block the number . ? iHad (MORE)