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Is it wrong to love someone if you are 18 and he is 37?

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You love someone who loves someone else?

well, I would get over him/her , and u should wait maybe they broke up ...??? u never know ... so be patient and if u see them in love and kissing and... just act normal ... t

Why do you love someone?

  It's not really a question why, and it depends what love you're talking about. We love our parents and family because we have to, your mum pushed you out and gave you a

Is it possible to love someone after 2 months of dating and is it wrong to be considering engagement after such a short time?

I do believe that it is possible to fall in love after only a couple of months because my mother and father only dated for two months, fell madly in love and got engaged and 2

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Why do you have to be in love with someone?

A person doesn't have to be in love with someone yet I have heard some of their friends accuse some women and men that choose to hang out together or even live together of b

What do when you love someone who love someone?

Is a complicated issue which needs to be addressed in a gentle and principled manner. Be yourself and most likely they will see who is treating them better and may fall in lo

What is 18 out of 37 as a percentage?

Expressed as a percentage, 18/37 x 100 = 48.648 recurring (that is, 48.648648648...) percent.

What could be wrong if i haven't had my period for 37 days?

Well, ask yourself this question: have you had sex? If you haven't, then you probably shouldn't worry. If you just got it recently, or it just started a year or two ago, then

Is it wrong for a man and woman who are in love to have an affair for years while each of them are married to someone else?

  Answer   First of all, if you have kids, you should stop seeing the other man at least until the kids have moved out!!     Ask yourself what it is that make

I'm 17 and he is 34 and he said he will wait for me till I'm 18. He is in love with me and never wants to let me go. Is it wrong?

He is MUCH too old for you, just wait a while, you will meet  someone closer to your own age who you will really fall i n love  with,. Women his own age problably find him s
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1 7 18 37 67 111?

1 + 7 + 18 + 37 + 67 + 111 = 241   If the numbers in the question were not to be added together, then  provide more information.