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Is it "years past" or "years passed"?

It depends on the context. If you are stating "In years past,..." then you use 'past'.

If you are in the middle of your sentence "...when years passed by and nothing got done..." then you use 'passed'.
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Where can I find calendar dates for past years?

Old phone books (1970's and early 1980's) used to have a page of calendars that you matched a year with a number to a group of 12 month calendars. (PA Yellow Page Phone Books)
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When to use last year and past year?

You say last year when you start a sentance, like: "Last year I was smart." You use past year when it's in the middle of a sentance, like: In the past year I was smart." You c

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the boat has changed by the look speed size and safety the boat is used for loots of things now but a long time ago it was just used for fishing and travel now it is used for