Is it your responsibility to contact your child's father if he has a history of violent behavior and he knows how to contact you?

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As custodial parent, it is your responsibility to ensure the relationship between the non-custodial parent and the child is maintained even if he can contact you. You want to maintain the "better parent" status, so that if you go to court, you have a record of the attempts you made vs. the attempts he made. Even if a PFA is in place "for you", it is still not reason for you to deny your responsibilities of attempting to maintain the other-parent/child relationship. If there is a PFA in place for both of you, then it will be presumed that any contact would be at a minimum anyways. If there is no PFA, don't just use "his past violent nature" as an excuse. If there's really "past violent nature", then get a PFA to protect yourself and/or your child. Also, an appropriate custody order should be requested from the court. Keep in mind, these can be changed. So if his nature gets better, then visitation can be improved. If his violent nature worsens in the future, then you can do another request for the PFA and a more restrictive visitation schedule.
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