Is jakaya mrisho kikwete a member of freemason?

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it is said so due to the symbols he used to show when talking amin look at His Body language.

Actually it is impossible to tell whether or not someone is a Freemason by body language or some arcane interpretation of how he holds his hands.
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How can you know freemason members?

It's not hard to tell. I am a Freemason, and it's something I'm quite proud of. All Freemasons are proud of being Freemasons, otherwise they wouldn't be one! And since we're (MORE)

Is kikwete freemason?

yes he is, despite the fact that he has been associated in their meetings in South Africa he is possessing one of their rings that have pyramidal symbol on it

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Is President Jakaya kikwete a freemason?

It is said to be so due to the symbols he used to show when talking and look at his body language . Actually it is impossible to tell whether or not someone is a Freemason by (MORE)

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Is DMX a member of freemason?

Unless a person specifically states that he is a member of the Freemasons, it is hard to know for sure.
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