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What is the jello challenge?

There are two possibilities. . You eat a jello package no water (Kinda like Cinnamonchallenge) . You make jello and try to eat all of it in under a minute. I did it and

Is jello a junkfood?

Depends on your definition. If by junkfood you mean terribly unhealthy, no.

Is there meat in jello?

  Gelatin is a slaughterhouse product; it is chemically processed collagen which is derived from the skin and bones of animals; it is not "meat" per se but is definitely n

How do you layer jello?

First, make one colour Jello and make it cool down and go stiff in a bowl of your choice. Then, make another colour of Jello and let it cool down before pouring it on top of

Can jello be frozen?

If you want to freeze jello in order to eat it frozen, Then yes it can be frozen. If you are looking to freeze jello in order to store and defrost to eat as regular jello late

What is Jello made out of?

Jello is made out of gelatin. Gelatin is made out of collagen  extracted from boiled animal bones, animal skins, animal connective  tissue and cartilage. I know it sounds a

What are colloids?

A colloid is a type of mechanical mixturewhere one substance is dispersed evenly throughout another. The particles of the dispersed substance are only suspended in the mixture

Where was jello invented?

Peter Cooper, inventor of the famous locomotive "Tom Thumb" and patron of the arts and sciences, obtained the first patent for a gelatin dessert in i845. Gelatin itself, howev

Is jello a dairy?

Jello is a cow product, but not a dairy product. It is made of gelatin, which the slaughterhouses obtain after boiling bones, cartilage, hooves, skins, and the fat and meat

Does jello have pork?

  Jello is water, sugar, and other chemicals that make it all bouncy and such. There is no pork in jello. Pork flavored jello would be a little wierd.

What is a colloid?

A type of solution of intermediate sized particles suspended and completely dispersed in another substance. Because the particles are not completely dissolved (although disper

What is jello made from?

Gelatin does not occur "free" in nature. It has to be made or manufactured. However, it is a natural ingredient, in that it derived from natural ingredients and has no additiv