Is Jeremy wade from river monsters dead?

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Is loch ness monster dead?

Nobody knows for sure. People have claimed to find fossils and stuff like that, but there could be more than one loch ness monster. Someone who has been studying the loch ness monster and is retiring has never seen it and believes it to be dead, but others think it is a victim of global warming, and (MORE)

Is the Loch Ness monster dead?

It might be scientists, have doubted it. It could be dead if it is someone will find it dead. So its possible. but we don't even know if its real so joke is oneveryone

Is Jeremy sumpter dead?

No, he just released a new movie, You're So Cupid. So unless he died this week, he is still alive.

Is the white river monster real?

A Photograph has been taken in Black and white. the creature appears to be something akin to a Zeuglodon or a primitive form of Whale. The photo is published in one of the books on cryptozoology. At all events it could not be a squaliform or shark-like creature.

Do people put dead bodies into rivers?

Yes, in the Ganges River. You can see more if you type in Ganges into a website which shows videos. Not just a few bodies, but ALOT of bodies due to disease. What is crazy, they also use this river to fish, brush their teeth and to clean up.

What is a dead end river called?

Just a river, usually. There is no special word in English. Rivers that 'dead end' terminate in either a salt lake or sea or a salt pan or flat or go underground. In which case they are called an aquafier or underground river.

Is ozonation of a biologically dead river feasible?

Ozonation is most effective in this circumstance by converting COD to BOD. This allows a region to develop a biological culture that can thrive on the improved food source. Ozone does not bring life, so seeding the river with organisms will be required. Also, ozone does not remove heavy metals, a (MORE)

Is clear rivers from final destination dead?

If you are talking about real life, she is alive. If you mean the film, then yes, she died in the second film. She was incinerated in a oxygen exoplosion trying to save Eugene dickens

When can the river called a dead river?

The Nile is not a 'dead river' however, any river would be considered a 'dead river' once it was incapable of sustaining any form of life such as fish and aquatic plants. This would usually happen because of major pollution taking all the oxygen from the water.

Is Joan Rivers dead?

Yes. Joan Rivers passed away on September 4th, 2014. She had gonein for a minor elective throat surgery and suffered complications.Her death is attributed to cardiac arrest.

How do you beat the monsters on level 5 on dead space?

The monster that breaks out of the glass can't be killed, it regenerates. You have to run from it until you get to a later chapter. Or, if you're talking about the giant egg thingy people on the walls that shoot out seeds, just shoot em up a bit (theres usually a gas tank nearby that will kill them (MORE)

How old is Jeremy Wade?

Extreme fisherman Jeremy Wade is 61 years old (born March 23,1956)*. --- According to public records from the Suffolk, UK County Councilcombined with other data available online, Jeremy John Wade wasborn 23 March, 1956 to the Rev. John M. and Mrs. Eileen M. G.Haines Wade in Ipswich, UK. Though JW ha (MORE)

Why do Hindus scatter ashes of the dead into the river?

Hindus believe that the our body is given to us as a gift from the gods and so when someone dies they cremate the body and scatter the ashes on the river to give it as an offering to the gods. As the river Ganges is sacred most Hindus prefer to have their ashes scatted there. We (hindus) are the (MORE)

Why is it easier to swim in dead sea than in river water?

Because the dead sea is full of salt. In water, the higher the selinity, or salt content, the easier it is to float in. Thus it is easier to swim as you don't have to put in so much energy to stay afloat. This is why it is easier to swim in the sea, on average. Obviously, if you were swimming in a l (MORE)

The Jordan river flows into the dead sea what is this body water called dead?

The Dead Sea also called the Salt Sea, is a salt lake bordering Jordan to the east, and Israel and the West Bank to the west. The name 'Dead Sea' is actually a kinder, gentler translation from the Hebrew name 'Yam ha Maved', which means, 'Killer Sea'.The Dead Sea has some of the most saline water on (MORE)

How many languages does Jeremy wade speak?

I know of three, though he has said he speaks "about half a dozen" English French Portuguese He almost certainly speaks Spanish and German would also be very likely. He also speaks Pidgin (if that can be considered a language; it's how he communicated in Papua New Guinea), plus a Congo R (MORE)

Why is the hippo called a river monster?

Hippos are called river monster for these reasons -They are the second most dangerous animal in Africa. The only one to top that is the mosquito, who carries killer diseases. -Big -They growl -Will tip boats -Will charge people -Will charge cars -Kills anything that is stupid enough to get between (MORE)

Do they put dead bodies in the river Ganges?

no it will make the holy river impure That answer is absolutely incorrect. The Ganges River is filthy with chemical waste that is still being dumped in it on a daily basis. Even worse, the river is loaded with (human waste) from untreated human sewera (MORE)

Does monsters effect continuous after there dead?

It actually depends - some do, some don't. Regular continuous effects will cease to apply if the monster leaves the field. So Jinzo's trap effect will stop as soon as he leaves the field (or is flipped face down). Some monsters will say 'until end of turn' in their effect - it doesn't matter w (MORE)

How did the Dead River in Maine get its name?

During the American Revolution, Benedict Arnold led a force of over 1,000 men through Maine to attack the British garrison at Quebec. During the winter, without food and struggling through the hard landscape, many died. There couldn't bury them because of the frozen ground, and so they stacked the b (MORE)

Does Jeremy wade have any siblings?

Yes, I know he has at least one brother because he is my maths teacher at school. I believe two brothers and a 'little' sister. Martin Wade is a photographer and the brother he has travelled with most.

Does Jeremy wade have family in UK?

Jeremy Wade is the unmarried Uncle of many nephews and a niece. He has a brother who is a teacher and a sister as far as I know. His parents are deceased. No wife yet

Where does the white river monster supposedly live?

well the white river monster really i do think its real but i am still researching for it the chupacabra, nessy the lockness monster , and all of the other things i am only 13 but al tho i am vry close to crcking this case contact me at if any infomation thank you! :)

Is wade coggan dead?

Wade Coggan is dead. He was found dead. He fell to his death at Kings Cross in Sydney, Australia.

Why was Jeremy wade arrested?

He was arrested for supposedly spying in Malasia, this was false, obviously. He just had high-tech gear while he was fishing and the cops thought he was a spy.

Is girls dead monster a real band?

Yes, Girls Dead Monster is a real band. It was formed by Sawashiro Miyuki, Matsuura Chie, Asumi Kana and Kato Emiri. Each girl portrays a member of the band in the Anime Angel Beats.

What is mean by dead river?

a dead river just mean that the river have no water going through the river and the river is very dry, hope you understand me!> < from:Sarah chen