Is john Jacob jingle heimer smith real?

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The song is actually titled John Jacob Jingle Heimer Schmidt. However, the song is just an old children's song that is sung over and over, and not based on a real person.
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Who is John Jacob Jinglehiemier Smith?

The rhyme originated in the US and is mocking the much longer and often funny sounding northern European surnames. The surname Schmidt and the surname suffix Heimer are of Ger

Who is Jacob Smith?

He is well known for Jake Baker from Cheaper by the Dozen and Cheaper by the Dozen 2 .

Did Pocahontas marry John Smith in real life?

No. In fact she married John Rolfe, a famous tobacco farmer, against her will when she was taken hostage by Captain Samuel Argall (the second leader of Jamestown when John Smi

Is john smith a real person?

If you are talking about back around 1706, with Jamestown, Virginia and with the Mayflower; then yes, John Smith is a real person.

Who is Jon Jacob Jingle Himer Smith?

the answer to that question is very obvious. first Jon is a carpenter that likes to eat cookies. Jacob is a lawyer that works for judge joe brown to get him corn on the cob.ji

Is John Smith real?

yes, he is real cause he wrote a book about Pocahontas and Pocahontas saved him

What is the lyrices to 'John Jacob jigle himmer smith '?

I think you mean John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt . Lyrics: John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, His name is my name, too. Whenever we go out The people always shout, "
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Is mr jingles real?

He is and he will never die but he can kill you and he lives in londen. from richard quac quan

Did Pocahontas love john smith in real life?

No. In real life, Pocahontas was around ten, and John Smith wasaround thirty. . No one knows exactly why she saved him, but a romanticrelationship is unlikely. Their relation