Is Kane Jewish?

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Yes he is. So are:
A-Train, Bill Goldberg, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Billy Kidman, Edge, Kevin Nash, Paul Heyman, X-Pac, Raven & Randy Savage.
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Who is Kane?

Glenn Jacobs better known as Kane is a wwe wrestler. Kane is Glenn Thomas Jacobs or Kane (WWE)

Where is Kane?

Kane is currently wrestling in the Smackdown brand of WWE. He defeated CM Punk in the recent pay per view Backlash 2009

Where is Kane from?

Kane is from both Parts Unknown and HELL!!! In real life his name is Glen Jacobs and is from Madrid, Spain. Heis billed from Parts Unknown. He resides in Knoxville, Tennessee

Who is Jewish?

Anyone whose mother is Jewish, or has formally taken onhimself/herself the responsibility of adhering to the Torah commandments in a formallysupervised and sanctioned conversi

How did Kane fight Kane?

kane fight kane means one kane is imposter kane that is undertaker came in disguise of kane and fought with him.By this way" kane vs kane" was happened
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Is Chelsea Kane Staub Jewish?

Chelsea Staub says to a Hollywood reporter "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness."
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What is a Jewish?

A Jew is an adherent of Judaism. Sometimes, a Jew is defined as a person whose mother is/was Jewish. Other times, people who converted to Judaism are also considered Jews.