Is kazakhstan a ledc?

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Well it's kinda hard to tell, but, this country have Gamma city (Almaty) and GDP of country is 198,000,000,000 USD and population is only 15,500,000 people. So it's somewhere in between MEDC and LEDC.

Hope that will help you. Greetings from Almaty!
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What is an LEDC?

An LEDC is a less economically developed country . This means the life expectancy and GDP is low. Also LEDCs lack certain things like clean water, sanitation, and health care.

Is Jamaica an ledc?

Yes Jamaica is an LEDC because before it was a poor country and it was behind but over the time it has been there it has developed Yes Jamaica is an LEDC because before it was a poor country and it also was behind from other countries. Also it has developed in so many ways like the supplies there. (MORE)

Is Tunisia an LEDC?

\nYes Tunisia is a Less Economically Developed Country. It's a developping country in a fast growth relying on the 1st and 3rd domains; Agriculture and services. Industry is not really a solid domain in Tunisia. However, many goods are exported like high quality wheat, phosphate, vegetables and frui (MORE)

What are LEDCs?

LEDC stands for less economically developed country and in general, LEDCs are non-industrial nations. They tend not to manufacture goods and the residents are usually poor. Another term for LEDCs is Third World nations and there are MEDC's too, that stands for more economically developed countries (MORE)

Where is Kazakhstan?

It's in Central Asia and parts of Eastern Europe. It's located south of Russia and north of Uzbekistan, Kyrgistan, Turkmenistan, and Tajikstan, and west of China, in central Asia. It's geographical coordinates are 48 00 N, 68 00 E Kazakhstan is south of central Russia, north of the Caspian Sea, an (MORE)

Why is Kenya an LEDC?

It has a very low life expectancy and most people cannot afford topay for doctors. They have little access to clean water and mostcan't afford good education for their children.

What does LEDC mean?

LEDC means that the country which is less developed or are gating developed. LEDC stands for Less Economically Developed Country. from Sak sakar

Is China an LEDC?

It is not an MEDC nor a LEDC, it is a NIC (Newly industralized country)

Is Kenya an LEDC?

Yes is would be classed as a Less Economically Developed Country within the financial realm. It is an ledc because suffers from poor health care and drout.

Is Indonesia an LEDC?

Not really. Indonesia is the only ASEAN member of G-20 and it signs various FTA with other countries. Yes! It is an LEDC.

Why is Tunisia a LEDC?

Tunisia is a LEDC because of several reasons. I'll state some of them. First, the independence and the economic loss. Tunisia have got it's independence on 20 March 1956 from France. When the French left Tunisia, it was in a mess, the problems were mainly 3 : poverty, illiteracy, unemployment. All t (MORE)

Is Belize a LEDC?

Belize is an LEDC, and the development indicators tell us this... for example their birthrate is 25 per thousand and the UK's is 11 per thousand. Their Adult Literacy rate is low in comparison to the UK's. Their GNI is $2,960 and the UK's is $25,520.

Why is Ghana an LEDC?

Ghana is an LEDC country because in the late 16 hundreds the British came and took all their natural resources and now they have no industries. As a result of this Ghana has to borrow money from the rich countries and they charge interest on the money. So Ghana got into debt and still didn't have th (MORE)

How is Ghana ledc?

Ghana is an ledc: Ghana is an LEDC country because in the late 16 hundreds theBritish came and took all their natural resources and now they haveno industries. As a result of this Ghana has to borrow money fromthe rich countries and they charge interest on the money. So Ghanagot into debt and still (MORE)

Is Iceland a ledc?

No, Iceland is a MEDC and scores high on the HDI (ranked 1st in 2008).

Is Nigeria an LEDC?

No it's not , Nigeria is the 6th largest oil distributor in the world. It is an Medc ( most economically developed country. But due to corruption it is not living up to its full potential.

Why is the Gambia ledc?

its a ledc because of its very little tourism and money earnt. Its a rather unpopular countrie not very known.

Is Venezuela a ledc?

Venezuela is not an LEDC because it has one of the biggest oilreserves in the world and is one of the leading oil exporters. Ithas had some phases of economic turmoil, but it still remains arelatively developed country.

What is LEDCs and MEDCs?

A MEDC stands for More Economically Developed Country. This is a country like the UK that has a reasonably stabel economy and is high on the development spectrum. A LEDC is the opposite of a MEDC. LEDC stands for Less Economically developed country. Most of the countries in Africa are LEDCs.

Why are LEDCs poor?

LEDC'S are poor because they have requested money from the world bank to put towards things like developing their infastructure Eg Roads, Schools ect but may have spent the money on improving their armed forces by buying tanks or whatever. Then they fall into debt as they cannot afford to pay the in (MORE)

Is Cuba an ledc?

yes it is luv . its income is made from selling cigars because that is the only thing they know how to make

Why is Bangladesh an LEDC?

Why is Bangladesh an LEDC Because they live in the environment of poverty, they can hardlyafford food, water clothes, etc. They don`t own many electricaldevices, they are often affected by the flood because their cropsthat they have been growing gets destroyed and they no longer cansupport their fa (MORE)

Why is ghanna a ledc?

ghanna is an LEDC because of its low gross domestic product. the resons for this low GDP is the unstable goverment, heavy droughts, and business revenues.

Is Tanzania a LEDC?

Yes... It is an LEDC... .. Africa is NOT an LEDC as it is a CONTINENT! A whole CONTINENT cannot be an LEDC. The majority of countries in Africa are LEDC's though.

Why is Ethiopia an Ledc?

Ethiopia is known as an LEDC, because of many reasons like its lack of basic human resources like the amount of food and clean water so that everyone can stay fit and healty.Because of the lack of food and clean water people will get ill and there arnt many hospitals or doctors around. There also is (MORE)

Is Dubai a LEDC?

No, Dubai is definitely not a LEDC. Although Dubai is a desert country, it is rich is oil and natural gas, which makes it prosperous. It is one of the world's fastest growing country in terms of economy, with many on-going projects that are not likely to be fulfilled in other countries, such as th (MORE)

Is Ethiopia a ledc?

yes it is, for a few reasons.. Ethiopia is an LEDC, or classed as a third world country due to its lack of basic human resources e.g food and clean water, lack of amenities, e.g hospitals, schools, police, fire service, lack of public services, obviously it stand s for less economically developed c (MORE)

Is Kenya an LEDC and why?

yes, kenya is an LEDC, this is down to low life expectancy, lack of clean water, people are unable to seek medical care and cannot afford an education so people are unable to get good jobs and provide for family.

Is Ghana an ledc?

Yes,Ghana is a LEDC.. This is because in 1650 the British came and took all their natural resources so this made it very hard for Ghana to cope, they also took all their gold - Ghana were called the 'Gold Coast'. This meant Ghana had to borrow money from richer countries - this made them an LEDC. . (MORE)

Is Haiti a LEDC?

Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. its economy has been crippled since it had to pay France 150 million francs for its freedom in 1825, and especially after the 2010 earthquake Haiti has suffered incredible amounts of debt, as well as relying heavily upon other countries for support (MORE)

Why is Ukraine a ledc?

Ukraine is a less economically developed country (LEDC). Since itsseparation from the Soviet Union, it has struggled to reach firstworld status.

Why is Nigeria LEDC?

is different it is and it's not :it is because comperance of nigeria and america or england

Why is Mali a LEDC?

Mali's economic structure revolves around primary-sector industries such as agriculture, fishing, mining etc. These are affected by weather and other natural occurences, and do not earn a lot of money. Mali's GDP was US$5.8 billion in 2005, and is growing. Most people are uneducated and the country (MORE)

Is Oceania an LEDC?

No, only some parts of it are. But the two main ones Australia and New Zealand are MEDC but Tuvavu for example is a LEDC.

Is turkey ledc?

Turkey Is neither an LEDC or MEDC, it is currently in between as an NIC (Newly Industrialised Country)

How is Iraq a LEDC?

Iraq was the richest country's in the19s until the Americans started bombing and stole they're oil

Why is Chad an LEDC?

Chad is an LEDC because it is located far away from the ocean so it doesn't have access to ships to trade their natural resources. Chad suffered from civil wars during the years 1979 - 1982 and has only just begun to regain itself. Chad has poor healthcare, education and sanity and the people that (MORE)

Why is Syria an LEDC?

Syria is an LEDC mainly because the same government (although it is a democracy) has been ruling for 41 years, and they have not been hearing out the citizens' demands for a better country.

Is Greece a LEDC?

Personly I would think Greece as an MEDC because it is part of Euroupe. (sorry for my spelling)

Is Latvia an LEDC?

No. Latvia is not an LEDC. All LEDCs are located in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia (plus Afghanistan) and are considered the worse-off countries in the world. Latvia is located in northeastern Europe and is a member of the European Union. it' s GDP per capita on average is 20 times higher than (MORE)

What are LEDC factories?

Ledc factories are factories in poor contury they just want to comitt suicide there life is that bad

Is the Philippines a LEDC?

Yes, the Philippines are a LEDC Country! This has been provengeographically, by Professor Warner. They spend a lot of money on cleaning up the destruction caused bynatural hazards, as they are on the Phillipine-Eurasion plateboundary, which leads to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.They're situa (MORE)

Why is Morocco an ledc?

It is a less economically developed country because it's primarily a non-industrial nation. Most Moroccans are involved in agriculture, especially in the rural areas. While there has been some internal development in Morocco, it has been insufficient to move it into being an MEDC. Half of the popula (MORE)

What is You are in Kazakhstan?

It depends on which language you are going to use, as there are two official languages, kazakh and Russian. In kazakh it will be "Sen" and in Russian "Ty" .

Do LEDC not have medicine?

this is a tricky one.... well, it really differs from place to place but they do get medicine via charity although here are the main problems faced with this: in warstricken areas charity workers can be shot or the medicine looted. some areas are so secluded it makes it nearly impossible to get an (MORE)

Why is Myanmar an LEDC?

"less developed country" Because they only upgrade their military, weapon, military medical university, technology. They do not want to upgrade public universities, cities,etc

Is Kazakhstan an medc or ledc?

GDP of country is 198,000,000,000 USD and population is only 15,500,000 people. So it's somewhere in between MEDC and LEDC.

What is a LEDC Mexico?

LEDC = Less Economically Developed Country. Mexico falls within this category, as it isn't fully industrialized.