Is knoxvill Tennessee in southern Tennessee?

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Not quite. It is more Northeast than anything else. Memphis and Chattanooga is in South Tennessee, Clarksville and Nashville is in North Tennessee, Kingsport and Bristol is in East Tennessee and West Tennessee contains Jackson, Dyersburg and part of Memphis. Look up a map of Tn(Tennessee) and you will see for yourself the area of Tennesse Knoxville is in.

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(Answer: No, it is in Northeast Tennessee)
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How many driving miles from Knoxville Tennessee to Southern Shores North Carolina?

The driving distance between Knoxville, TN and Southern Shores, NC is approximately 570 miles. The driving time would be approximately 9 hours 30 minutes if you were to travel

How long was Knoxville the capital of Tennessee?

Knoxville served as the firstcapital city of Tennessee from 1796 until 1812. Knoxville served asthe capital a second time from 1817 to 1818. Nashville was thecapital of Tennes