Is leather face a true story?

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No, but the seeds for the idea of the character wearing the face come from a real serial killer-Ed Gein.
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Is it true that your face reflects your character?

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Does Leather Face Exist?

No. Although Tobe Hooper got the idea for the Leatherface character from the real life serial killer, Ed Gein, Leatherface is still a fictional character. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies are NOT based on a true story. See the Related Question below.

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Was the love story on the Titanic true?

I researched, and i found this website. It tells about how In the end of the movie Rose gave a fake name (Rose Dawson) So they arent sure, But there was a woman on board in real life, named Rosa Abbott. Here is the link and you can read all about it. I found it Very interesting!! Link below.

Is leather face dead?

Leather Face was a fictional character from the movie "A Texas Chainsaw Massacre" and was not a real person. In the original movie, he is in the very last shot, throwing his chainsaw around in a manic frenzy, and is not killed. He was however, based on a real person, in part, who was a famous serial (MORE)

How can you activate leather face in gta?

u can park your car at fishers lagoon in los Santos remember it should be rainy weather and hide in any cottage which has bload on it with a chainsaw the u will sea a thing or man on a whealchair THATS IT?

Who was leather face?

Leatherface is a fictional character, the main villain in the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He was loosely inspired by the real life serial killer, Ed Gein.

If leather face is real?

Yeah he's not. There are people as bad or worse than him walking around in the real world right now (horrible things happen in Africa every day). Leather face, however, is not real.

Does the real Leather face live in a state hospital in Texas?

The Texas Chainswa Massacre never actually happened. The Leatherface character was loosely created on the American serial Killer Ed Gein, who liked to rob the graves of old ladies who reminded him of his mother and he would wear their skins as mask, or clothing.

You say true story or the true story?

There once was a man who was a nite. He got eaten by a dragon. That's good rite? Then he got hungry so he ated the dragon from the inside out, and killed the dragon. But then he was too fat so he died. Because the pricess slapped him. And everyone know slapping a fat guy makes him pop, and fatness f (MORE)

Was leather face a real person?

No, the character of Leatherface shown in the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not a real person. He is fictional. However he was roughly inspired by the real serial killer Ed Gein; all though Ed Gein never chased people around with a chainsaw.

Is the story something upstairs a true story?

i just finished reading it and i have to say i don't know. It doesn't seem possible but AVI seems to believe it. I wish i could talk to that boy to find the truth but i honestly think that it's half true though time traveling doesn't sound possible...

Is Facing The Giants a true story?

Where the storyline in Facing The Giants is not a true story, according to director Alex Kendrick the writer of the script, most of the events that he included in his screenplay were based on real events that happened in different people's lives over a period of several years. He took these events (MORE)

Is the story the eye a true story?

There are two stories apparently based on this film. A 13 year old indian girl killed herself to give her father her eyes and her brother her kidneys and another story was about a girl who got a cornea transplant and killed herself a week later

What are daft punk's true faces?

they wont show it. they are too shy and its their symbol. before they were daft punk, they showed themselves. check youtube:daft punk unmasked

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Here are some true-stories that have minor profanity (damn or hell) and no sexual content. (more child related) . Ten True Animal Rescues by Jeanne Betancourt (for 1-3 graders) . Twenty and Ten by Clarie Huchet Bishop (for 1-3 graders) . Number the Stars by Lois Lowry . Night Running by El (MORE)

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Was free willy a true story?

I do not know if it is a true story but i do know that it is based on one i love free willy film and the other 4 stories 3 of them is all basedon the same story but the last is slightly diffrent story so it is told in a diffrent version

Has leather face been caught?

yes he was and is now in prison i no this because my uncle was in the same proisin as him but my uncles out now but he was their for six years if you would like to hear some story about him i would love to tell you because my uncle told me a few

Does leather face exist in Grand Theft Auto SA?

Leather Face does not exist on GTA San Andreas in ordinary gameplay. You would need a mod for that, which is available only via a computer. If you are able to go down that route, suggest you have a look at the modifications section on the gtawiki site.

Is Leather Face on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

Characters like Leatherface, Bigfoot, Jason Vorhees, aliens, etc. etc., do not appear in GTA San Andreas ordinary gameplay. They are myths. To produce anything like this would require a mod, available with the use of a computer. Best idea is to look at GTA dedicted websites like gtawiki and their (MORE)

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because he knew it would catch ed off guard so in between the time of him seeing his true form and ed gasping she would stabb him at least that's how i saw it

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The central theme that ran through the movie Facing The Giants was to simply trust God for all your needs. It is told in the fictional story of Coach Grant Taylor, whose life is falling apart because he is trying to live it in his own power. Once Taylor surrenders his life to the Lord, things s (MORE)

What is the true face of Uchiha Madara?

No-one actually knows, hence the big secret and speculation about his identity, or apparence. Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto's Mangaka) hinted at the idea that Madara was supposedly using Obito's body, although this hasn't been proved yet in either the Manga, or the anime series. Madara's previous/pa (MORE)

Does Leather Face have a son?

They never show a son per se, but in the story of series there is something to the affect. Leatherface in the original films is part of the Sawyer family, and the insanity rampant in their bloodline. He is not any ONE member of the family really, and this is why he continues throughout the series (MORE)

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Is the story of Cinderella a true story?

Cinderella's story is not true,its story just describe what do some people had a desame life like Cinderella's. *It means that Cinderella's life and some people's life are just desame from Cinderella's story.

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Of course the true story of how the Rugrats came to be is true. That's why it's TRUE.. That thing that is known on the Internet as The Rugrats Theory is a completely absurd fantasy generated by an admittedly creative wordsmith or culled from the ravings of a madman. .