Is lettuce asexual or sexual?

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Sexual. If you stay up at night and watch them, you will see them gathering in pairs, and they will start screwing each other.

Please note the sarcasm in that sentence.
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Do Mollusks reproduce sexually or asexually?

Most mollusks reproduce sexually, but many of them are also hermaphroditic (both male and female), and are able to impregnate others while also becoming pregnant themselves. S

What is sexual and asexual?

A sexual person is some one who experiences sexual attraction where as an asexual is someone who doesn't. In the case of animals, a sexual animal reproduces through sexual in

Does fungi produce sexually or asexually?

It reproduces with both. Asexually Mould grows upright hyphae and at the tip of each these have sporangia. Inside each of these, these are thousands of tiny spores. At o

Is a duck sexual or asexual?

\n. ducks are sexual they can lay eggs without a male but they wont have baby ducklings in the eggs
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Are pigs sexually or asexually?

Sexually , because asexually mean they bud and sexually means they produce off of sperm and an egg. Pigs are sexual, not asexual. If they were asexual there would be no dis