Is mark mangelsdorf still in prison?

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What's the one thing you would tell an addict contemplating whether or not to get treatment?

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Was mark mangelsdorf paroled in 2011?

No. Even though the DA who prosecuted him supported his request for parole. This was part of the plea agreement when he pled guilty - that, as long as he was a model prisoner, (MORE)
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Is Mark Mangelsdorf guilty of murder?

Mark Mangelsdorf pled guilty. He is eligible for parole this year, 2010. His accomplice in the crime, Melinda Raisch, is up for parole the 29th of April this year, 2010.
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Is claudine longet still in prison?

She never was sentenced to any jail time. It was ruled an accident. She married the lawyer who defended her. Apparently she didn't cheat on him (like her first husband), or sh (MORE)

How long was Mark Chapman in prison?

First of all, Mark David Chapman is STILL incarcerated, justifiable so! He was sentenced 20 years to life. He has been denied parole 6 times, last being September 7, 2010. It (MORE)
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Is Brenda Geck still in prison?

Brenda Geck is the name given to the woman in the movie Family  Sins, and is not a real person. The movie is based on the story of  Frances Burt and the children she took in (MORE)

Is there still a prison on Alcatraz island?

  The buildings are there but the prison isn't operational. It's now run by the National Park Service.
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Is Pete Halat still in prison?

Federal Bureau of Prisons: Name: Peter Halat Jr. Register #: 20918-077 Age/Race/Gender: 68-White-M Expected release date: 04-24-2013 Current location: Butner Low FCI, North Ca (MORE)
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