Is mauritania a LEDC?

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Yes as much of the country is in poverty, and 20% of the population is enslaved.
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What is an LEDC?

An LEDC is a less economically developed country . This means the life expectancy and GDP is low. Also LEDCs lack certain things like clean water, sanitation, and health care.

Is Thailand an LEDC?

Answer . Thailand used to be a LEDC, (low economically developed country) but is now a NIC.. =]

Why is Africa a LEDC?

Africa is not a country. It is a continent made up of many different countries. Most of Africa's countries are LEDCs as it is mostly desert and undeveloped.

How can you describe an LEDC?

LEDC stands for Less Economically Developed Country , therefore a country that is mainly agriculturally developed and seeking to become more developed. E.g most countries in Africa including Sudan, Chad, Etheopia, etc... However a NIC (Newly Industralised Country) is a country that has become mor (MORE)

Why is India an Ledc?

i must say that Pakistan is more better than India and i salute to Pakistan my wish is that Pakistan should be the first best country to live and i proud myself that i born in Pakistan because there is lots of Muslim people who believe in Allah which is god. if someone say which country should (MORE)

Why is Egypt an LEDC?

Egypt is grossly over populated and there is neither sufficent argricultral land nor water resources to sustain the ever increasing population currently estimated about 70 million. Egypt is also largely dependent on foreign aid, its main doner is the USA. Hope this has been helpful ..xx

What are LEDCs?

LEDC stands for less economically developed country and in general, LEDCs are non-industrial nations. They tend not to manufacture goods and the residents are usually poor. Another term for LEDCs is Third World nations and there are MEDC's too, that stands for more economically developed countries (MORE)

Why is Kenya an LEDC?

It has a very low life expectancy and most people cannot afford topay for doctors. They have little access to clean water and mostcan't afford good education for their children.

Where is Mauritania?

Mauritania is a country in Western North Africa. It is bordered bythe Atlantic Ocean to the west, Western Sahara to the north,Algeria to the north-east, Mali to the east and south-east, andSenegal to the south-west.

Is Kenya an LEDC?

Yes is would be classed as a Less Economically Developed Country within the financial realm. It is an ledc because suffers from poor health care and drout.

Is Indonesia an LEDC?

Not really. Indonesia is the only ASEAN member of G-20 and it signs various FTA with other countries. Yes! It is an LEDC.

Why is Tunisia a LEDC?

Tunisia is a LEDC because of several reasons. I'll state some of them. First, the independence and the economic loss. Tunisia have got it's independence on 20 March 1956 from France. When the French left Tunisia, it was in a mess, the problems were mainly 3 : poverty, illiteracy, unemployment. All t (MORE)

Population of Mauritania?

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is a country located in NorthAfrica. Mauritania has a current population of 3.7 million people,and a population density of 9.31 people per square mile.

How is Ghana ledc?

Ghana is an ledc: Ghana is an LEDC country because in the late 16 hundreds theBritish came and took all their natural resources and now they haveno industries. As a result of this Ghana has to borrow money fromthe rich countries and they charge interest on the money. So Ghanagot into debt and still (MORE)

Where is mauritania located?

mauritania is located in Africa bordering Algeria to the northwest, mali to the eastsouth, segal to the southwest and the Atlantic ocean on the west.

Why is ghanna a ledc?

ghanna is an LEDC because of its low gross domestic product. the resons for this low GDP is the unstable goverment, heavy droughts, and business revenues.

Why is Ethiopia an Ledc?

Ethiopia is known as an LEDC, because of many reasons like its lack of basic human resources like the amount of food and clean water so that everyone can stay fit and healty.Because of the lack of food and clean water people will get ill and there arnt many hospitals or doctors around. There also is (MORE)

Is Dubai a LEDC?

No, Dubai is definitely not a LEDC. Although Dubai is a desert country, it is rich is oil and natural gas, which makes it prosperous. It is one of the world's fastest growing country in terms of economy, with many on-going projects that are not likely to be fulfilled in other countries, such as th (MORE)

Why is Ethiopian LEDC?

Because LEDC stands for a less economically developed country, so Ethiopia is obviously not very rich!!!

What are medc and ledc?

Medc is a more economically developed country and Ledc is a less economically developed country x

Is Bolivia an LEDC?

No. Bolivia falls within the lower-middle-income definition; the only country in the Americas which stands as a LEDC is Haiti.

Is the UK an LEDC?

No, the UK is an MEDC (more economically developed country). An example of an LEDC would be Kenya, or Chad. Other MEDC's are Japan, or USA.

Is Brazil LEDC?


Is Venezuela an LEDC?

Well there have been many discussions about whether it is because it is quite a rich country. But when you compare it to the UK, the GNP in 1999 in the UK was 1338.1 billion dollars while in Venezuela it was 87.0 billion dollars. So it is still considered an LEDC but is developing.

What are LEDCs and MEDCs?

LEDC=Less economically developed countries ie. Countries like Afric who dont have much money MEDC= More economically developed countries Countries like America and England

Where is Mauritania in Africa?

It's on the north-west coast of Africa. . The countries that border it are: Western Sahara, Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Senegal

Why is Mexico an ledc?

It is not; Mexico is an emerging market more on par with countries such as Poland or the Czech Republic than to LEDCs such as Ghana or Mozambique.

What is an Example of a LEDC?

An LEDC is a 'Less Economically Developed Country' such as Kenya which is also referred to as a third world country.

Why is Sudan a ledc?

Sudan in general is an LEDC but there so many places that you can say is more developing however Sudan is known as and LEDC as it is in poverty and is in civil war.

Why is Japan a ledc?

An MEDC country. Alot of people in Japan are poor and work in hard labour jobs. Others may argue to this that its a MEDC

What are the characteristics of an ledc?

LEDC - Less Economically Developed Country -> Examples) Brazil, Chile, Peru (and other parts of south America), parts of Africa, places like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh etc. ->They tend to have a worse economy than MEDC's. They also tend to have poverty as a current issue. They often have poor work (MORE)

Why is Iran a LEDC?

because it has a lot of wars but other than that Iran could be called an MEDC.

Is Canada an ledc?

Nope, Canada is not an Less Economically Developed Country. It is classified as a More Economically Developed Country.

Is togo an ledc?

Yes. It is poor and has a $560 GNI per Capita which is really poor. Only 60% of the country can read and write and they have 0.05 doctors per 1000 people. I hope i helped :) Evidence: http://][

Was montserrat a LEDC?

I would say yes - Montserrat was a British colony, so some people may argue that it was an MEDC, however there are also many African countries that were British colonies, and they would never be considered an MEDC. Therefore, due to the fact that many people have poorly paying jobs, and the island's (MORE)

Is Cyprus an ledc?

An LEDC is a less economically developed country. Cyprus is a fairly well developed country, particularly Ayia Napa, part of Cyprus's coastal fringe, which is very much an MEDC (more economically developed country). Rural areas will be less developed.

Why is Afghanistan an ledc?

Afghanistan is an Ldec country due to a number of reasons.Afghanistan has been in a constant state of war since the early1980's when Soviets invaded. Moreover, sectarian differences andinterests of foreign powers have restricted growth of Afghanistan.

Why is Zimbabwe a LEDC?

LEDC stands for Least Developed Country. Zimbabwe is the fifteenth least developed country in the world and is located in Africa. Most of Africa is underdeveloped because the continent has only had self-governing countries since about the 1960s. Prior to the 60s, European countries controlled practi (MORE)

Is Korea a LEDC?

It depends on which Korea you're referring to. North Korea is an LEDC, and definitely not an MEDC. South Korea is an MEDC, although some don't refer to the country as being completely more economically developed.

How is Iraq a LEDC?

Iraq was the richest country's in the19s until the Americans started bombing and stole they're oil

Is kazakhstan a ledc?

Well it's kinda hard to tell, but, this country have Gamma city (Almaty) and GDP of country is 198,000,000,000 USD and population is only 15,500,000 people. So it's somewhere in between MEDC and LEDC. Hope that will help you. Greetings from Almaty!

Why is Syria an LEDC?

Syria is an LEDC mainly because the same government (although it is a democracy) has been ruling for 41 years, and they have not been hearing out the citizens' demands for a better country.

Is Greece a LEDC?

Personly I would think Greece as an MEDC because it is part of Euroupe. (sorry for my spelling)

What are facts about Mauritania?

An interesting fact about Mauritania, which is in the west of Africa, is that nearly 100% are Muslims. Mauritania, on the whole, is an Islamic Republic, and any other religion is severely restricted. Hope that anwered your question:-)

What are LEDC factories?

Ledc factories are factories in poor contury they just want to comitt suicide there life is that bad

Is the Philippines a LEDC?

Yes, the Philippines are a LEDC Country! This has been provengeographically, by Professor Warner. They spend a lot of money on cleaning up the destruction caused bynatural hazards, as they are on the Phillipine-Eurasion plateboundary, which leads to earthquakes, tsunamis, and volcanoes.They're situa (MORE)

Why is Myanmar an LEDC?

"less developed country" Because they only upgrade their military, weapon, military medical university, technology. They do not want to upgrade public universities, cities,etc

What happened to the Mauritania?

The government of Mauritania was overthrown on 6 August 2008, in a military coup d'état led by General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz. On 16 April 2009, General Aziz resigned from the military to run for president in the 19 July elections, which he won. In Mauritania about 20% of the population live on (MORE)