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Is memo ibarra still in alacranes musical?

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no. memo and Omar left the group
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What songs does alacranes musical have?

  They have alot like:   Por amarte asi, No voy a llorar, Sin tu amor, Por tu amor, Solo en ti, Quiero aprender,   Acambio de que, Si te vuelves a enamorar, Tu amo

Where is Alacranes Musical from?

Ok ill try to help a lil' as far as i knw Alacranes Musical are from puro Chi-Town but if ur asking about where da guys are from there all from different parts (memo and Omar)

Did memo ibarra get out of the band?

He and Omar left Alacranes Musical due to disputes and started a new Duranguense group, "Alerta Zero", with completely new musicians and they remained the singers.
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What happened to alacranes musical?

they separated and Omar and memo made one groupo called alacranes musical and the urbinas aka the umpa lumpas made there own witch are names alacranes also they are fighting f
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Is Alacranes Musical inc the real alacranes?

Yes founded by oscar urbina sr. Now directed by his son oscar urbina jr. Alacranes members are all related (Urbina Family) except for the vocalist Omar Sanchez. Any other grup