Is mobile Alabama by mesa Alabama?

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There is no city in Alabama named Mesa.
there are also no communities in Mobile,Alabama named Mesa, so the no, its not near Mesa
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Where is Alabama?

Alabama is a state located in the southern region of the United States of America. It is bordered by Tennessee to the north, Georgia to the east, Florida and the Gulf of Mexico to the south, and Mississippi to the west. In the American South between Mississippi and Georgia.

What is Alabama?

Alabama is: - a US state - a river - a university - a group (tribe) of native Americans - a town in NY State - a military district in Louisiana - a confederate cruiser, the CSS Alabama - a US Navy ship, the USS Alabama - a genus of moths - a book - a Beanie Baby teddy bear - (MORE)

Where is the best online school in Mobile Alabama?

You can obtain this information by going to and using the sites College MatchMaker search engine, or you can also click on the related links below which will take you directly to the site . You can research colleges and universities by name, or by programs of study, or (MORE)

What is the Alabama?

The Alabama is a battleship that is docked in Mobile Bay, Alabama. It was commissioned and served in World War II, with battles off the coast of England and Norway. It's most active service was in the Pacific theater, with battles in the Mariannas and Guam. It earned the name "the lucky A" because i (MORE)

Where is Alabama at?

Alabama is a state in the United States of America. It is a southern state that borders Georgia, Mississippi, Tennesse, and Florida. It also borders the Gulf of Mexico.

What is the population of Mobile Alabama?

Mobile, Alabama has an estimatedpopulation of 194,288 as of July 1, 2014 per the U.S. CensusBureau. Mobile is the 3rd most populous city in Alabama behindBirmingham and Montgomery.

How far is it from mobile Alabama to Arizona?

You didn't give me a city in Arizona, so I will use Phoenix. To get from Mobile, Alabama to Phoenix, Arizona, it would take 23 hours and 57 minutes to get there. The distance you would need to travel would be 1,646.12 miles. I hope I could help!!!

What can you do in Alabama?

There are various kinds of attractions in Alabama lot ofhistoric places, Adventure places and venues to enjoy nightlife.There are lots of places for for family fun activities.

What is the elevation of mobile Alabama?

The elevation of Mobile, Alabama is 10 ft. above sea level. It's population is 198,915 and has an area of 159.4 sq. miles. It is known as "The Port City" I hope I could help!!!

What about in Alabama?

There are lots of things in Alabama. Humans, animals, drinks, food, land, homes, cars, businesses, bars, etc.

What is there to do in Alabama?

There are lots of things to do in Alabama like various adventureactivities near the river region like kayak rental, rafting andmuch more. Then you can play various kinds of sports and can alsoparticipate in sports like baseball, golf. You can go to visitvarious places and different kinds of attracti (MORE)

Why is Mobile important in Alabama?

It is one of the largest ports in the country. Most of seafood, tourism, and shipping revenue comes from this city. That is, until the BP oil spill. Now seafood is contaminated, beaches are closed(not tourists), and ships are not aloowed in or out of the Gulf.

What is Mobile Alabama Industries?

Major industries in Mobile are Automotive, Aerospace, Chemical, Fabricated Metal, Electronics, Pulp & Paper, Textiles and Apparel, Secondary Wood Products, Medical & Research.

What is Mobile Alabama famous for?

Mobile, Alabama is known for being the birthplace of Mardi Gras. It is well known as a port city, with the port of Mobile located at the junction of the Mobile River and Mobile Bay.

How are people in mobile Alabama like?

This is a difficult question because everyone is different and you cannot really put a title over them. However, the laws of Southern Hospitality apply. "yes ma'am" and "no sir" "thank you" "you're welcome" even blessing someone when they sneeze. The people of Mobile, Alabama are mostly kind people (MORE)

How far is mobile Alabama to daphne Alabama?

Mobile and Daphne, Alabama actually site on the opposite sides of Mobile by, they are separated by the pay itself and the City of Spanish Fort, Alabama. the 2 cities are only about 12 miles apart.

Can you buy a mobile home with out a title in Alabama?

The owner of a mobile home has the title. If you purchase a mobile home with no title you will have trouble selling it. You should contact the department of motor vehicles in Alabama for more information. Additional Info: Under the law of most (all?) states so-called 'mobile' homes are not treate (MORE)

Can you move out at 18 in Mobile Alabama?

The age of majority (legal adulthood) for the entire state ofAlabama is 19 unless you are married then it is 18. You must be 19to be considered an adult and move out legally, unless you aremarried then you must be 18.

How far is gadsden Alabama from mobile Alabama?

315 miles taking this route: . Take I-65 NORTH from Mobile to I-59 NORTH to GADSDEN via I-459 NORTH (EXIT 250 off I-65) to bypass BIRMINGHAM. . Take I-59 NORTH to GADSDEN. To get to DOWNTOWN, take I-759 (EXIT 182 off I-59).

How close is Huntsville Alabama to Mobile Alabama?

359 miles taking this route: . Take I-565 WEST from Huntsville to I-65 to BIRMINGHAM and NASHVILLE at EXIT 1; follow signs to I-65 SOUTH to BIRMINGHAM. . Take I-65 SOUTH to Mobile. To get to DOWNTOWN, take I-165 SOUTH (EXIT 9 off I-65).

What do you need to get married in Mobile Alabama?

Both the bride and groom will need valid identification (either a drivers license, military identification card or certified copy of their birth certificate) and valid proof of their social security number. They must both take the documents and $44 cash, money order, or bank cashier's check to the (MORE)

Where are affordable apartments in Mobile Alabama?

Real estate agents will be able to direct you not only to affordable apartments in Mobile, but will also be able to tell you which neighborhoods are safe for you to live in. If you are new to the area, this information will be very important.

How far is Mobile Alabama from Talladega Alabama?

It is 255-305 miles taking this route: (approx 305 miles if you are coming from the Speedway area) . Take I-20 WEST, from Talladega, to I-65 SOUTH to MONTGOMERY, via I-459 SOUTH to bypass BIRMINGHAM (EXIT 136 off I-20 to get onto I-459, follow signs to I-459 SOUTH to MONTGOMERY ; EXIT 15 off I- (MORE)

How far is Mobile Alabama from the equator?

The center of the intersection at the end of Springhill Ave, whereit runs into Dauphin St, is 2,118.8 miles from the equator. Of course, if you head back up Springhill Ave, you get farther from theequator, and if you jog over and drive down S. Dearborn St, you get closerto it.

Where is Alabama A?

Good Post..Alabama is Located in the USA.I love to visit atAlabama.Montgomery Alabama is more popular and place in US.Thereare lot of natural places which are main attraction point to thetourist.