Who is responsible if you loan your car to a licensed driver that allows a 15-year-old to drive because the licensed driver was drinking and the 15-year-old had an accident?

Answer . I saw a case very similar to this. The owner of the car took the driver to court and successfully sued him for wrecking his car. You could take the licensed drive (MORE)

You live in tn you are 16 years old you came to the us with a tourist visa it is still valid how can you get a drivers license or permit without ssn?

You MIGHT be allowed to go through the application process. Without a valid US SSN, you must be able to supply satisfactory proof of your identity (probably via the passpo (MORE)

Can a 17 year old ny licensed driver drive a 17 year old in pa?

Your state issued you a drivers licence, all other states will honor that license regardless of what their state law is. So IF you have a valid Operators license in NY you can (MORE)

Is my 20 year old fiance allowed to be my supervising driver if she has a valid license I live in PA. I have no one else to do it. I am 20?

No. The Pennsylvania DMV website states: "A licensed driver who isat least 21 years of age or a parent, guardian, person in locoparentis, or spouse who is 18 years of age or o (MORE)