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I don't believe Phil anselmo is racist but perhaps i am swayed slightly by the fact that pantera were (are) my favourite band. You have to remember that for most of his career he has been drunk, stoned or on heroin. That is not an excuse for some of the more ill thought out comments he has made, but would certainly explain his inability to make a well rounded argument. He says things that people often think but do not have the strength or will to say- understandably so. Unfortunately, 90% of hip hop videos are vulgar, sexist, violent and celebrate everything that is wrong with American or western society. However, if you want to announce some such comment, it would be wise to explain that this is not an attack on black people, black culture, or the average American wherever he/she be from. The last thing that thick, ignorant white people need in a violent, anomic society is borderline racist comments.

This speech, at a concert clears things up. Phil himself denies being racist http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0xW2L8gffY
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