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No pleasure p is not a molester would he molest a child and he has a son and cares what he thinks or not. Who asks a stupid question like this, I will tell you who people that just don't wanna see black people making it that's all and just wanna get a story started. Get a hobby and stop starting rumors.

No Pleasure p Is not a molester first of all they don't ever release info like that especially when there is an under-aged child involved. second they said it was his niece and then nephew. Then when a lady spoke out it was pretty Ricky's sister because she said her father was Joesph smith (who is over pretty Ricky)
. Then they said this was in 2004 going into 2005 they said he was 16 and 17 which is wrong because pleasure p was born in 1984 which made him 20 in 2004 and 21 in 2005. < He was 16 and 17 in 2000 and 2001. They also had posted in my opinion FAKE court documents because they had 2 different dates on the documents 2006 on the signing part and 2008 on the stamp and they had guardian names on them but if this was in 2004 or 2005 like they said they wouldn't need guardian names he was grown (if you are wondering why their names was their on the "FAKE" documents it was because they said Joesph smith (the 1 over pretty Ricky) had them cover pleasure p up) Also all of the rumor starters Shendra B Whitewithgrills and Laura Goldstein are gone. I also saw on Miah Gamati's Twitter Goldstein was Blue's lawyer (pretty Ricky again (their middle names are Blue).
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How many kids does Pleasure P have?

Marcus (Pleasure P) Cooper has one son, Marcus Cooper Jr. Which is my cousin mom son and Marcus Cooper only 1 son. And his mother is Deana Johnson.

What does molesting mean?

well first off if some one you know is being molested you MUST tell an adult you can trust right away! it is not a good thing. molesting basically means some one is touching

What is a molester?

a molester is someone who abuses children and forces them into bed and rip their clothes of and kiss and any how touch them By the dictionary: 1: to annoy, disturb, or persecu

How can you get molested?

act like a porn star and walk with barely and clothes on in an alley with people in it or go to a club

What does it mean to get molested?

Molested means that someone has touched you in a way that you didn't want to be touched.

What does it mean to be molested?

It means to be sexually assualted, in other words raped. to molest someone means that you are sexually touching someone who is vulnerable or cant defend themselfs. ex. a littl

Is Pleasure P dead?

  no pleasure p is not dead after i got a probem i guess he stopped making music

What is molesting?

it means to be touched in your "private" areas by someone else against your will. usually happens to children.

What does molested mean?

  UNWANTED TOUCH.   somebody touches you in an inapropiate and uncomfortable way.

What do you do if your child is molested?

Call the police right away and have the person arrested,and once they are convicted by the court then Contact an attorney and file a civil lawsuit of several hundred thousand