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Is Pokemon frigo returns a fake or real?

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Pokemon Firgo Returns is a hacked version of Pokemon Ruby and Saphire. It is not part of the official Pokemon line of Game Boy Advance games.
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How do you get to Fallarbor town in Pokemon Frigo Returns?

  its a hacked game... u need the walk through walls cheat on a gameshark to get there. its a hacked game!! u probably wont be able to finish it bacause of that. im not

Is Pokemon frigo returns fake?

I think yes. Because it is a copy of ruby, sapphire and emerald. plus, frigo, is meant to be an articuno according to its cry, but it looks nothing like an articuno. go to the

What is the cheat for Pokemon frigo returns?

There isn't one...its just a hacked Sapphire version game and the only difference is that oak is the Pokemon profesor in hoenn and its snowing and of course u obtain frigo if

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