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Is pork red meat or white meat?

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Its myoglobin content is lower than beef, but much higher than chicken white meat. The USDA treats pork as a red meat. Pork is very high in thiamin.

In 1987 the U.S. National Pork Board began an advertising campaign to position pork as "the other white meat", due to a public perception of chicken and turkey (white meat) as more healthy than red meat. The campaign was highly successful and resulted in 87% of consumers identifying pork with the slogan. As of 2005, the slogan is still used in marketing pork, with some variations.

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The slogan "Pork, the other white meat," was part of an advertising  campaign and not truth-based. The campaign was highly successful  and resulted in a 30 percent increase

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well I'm not a fan of meat but i think it isn't it is kind of pink but when you cook it, it turns into a sort of brownish colour.

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well there is some arguments back and forth about if it is white or red but scientifically speaking it is its own category look if you are looking for one or the other i am so