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Is punky pong a real game?

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It is now. It didn't exist before the Bones episode (Gamer in the Grease, Season 5 Episode 9) was created. You can play Punky Pong at the official Bones website at Fox's site: http://www.fox.com/bones/features/game/
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Why did they choose Pong as the first video game and not The Odyssey?

im very unsure but i think pong was the first made video game it took i think 1-2 years to get another one im not that old but im just giving you info on what i remember on G4

Table tennis or ping pong. Which is the original name of the game?

Table tennis is the original name of the game. It turns out (as you may have guessed) that "whiff-whaff" and "ping-pong" were names given to the game - which was already being

When do you switch sides in a ping pong game?

Each player has two services, then service switches to the other player. Players change ends at the end of each game (which is up to 11), and also when one player or pair have

Can your body pass the net during a ping pong game?

If you strike the ball after it bounces on your side of the table your follow through may legally cross over the net. You may even switch sides with your opponent as long as y
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How many points do you need do win a ping pong game?

In a normal game, the first person who reaches 11 points wins UNLESS both player has 10 point each. In that case, both player continue the game until one player manage to scor