Is putting an iPhone in a blender illegal?

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Of course not !... But - if you switch the blender on, you'll have a hard time explaining hte damaged phone to your insurance company !
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Is jailbreaking an iPhone illegal?

It is not illegal in some jurisdictions. No, but it should be as it voids your warranty and helps you run applications Apple doesn't want you to run which can screw up your

What can you put in a blender?

Anything with a little bit of moisture can be used in a blender. Fruits are good to put in the blender. Drinks are a great thing to make in blenders (such as frozen drinks).

Is it illegal to jailbreak your iPhone?

Not at all, although if you use it for illegal purposes (installing pirated apps and such) you could get in trouble (although it's highly unlikely you would) Here is the US

How do you put the blender back together?

Place glass container upside down on safe working area.Place rubber gasket/ring on top of opening first.Place stirring or mixing blade on top of rubber gasket/ring.Take the pl
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What would happen if you put a sock in a blender?

It turns into an immaculate sauce that when you slit open your testicle sack and insert it you can grow a newborn unicorn. This process takes about 7 years and you cannot clea

Can you just put paper in a blender?

Yes you can, but A blender isn't built for that, that is what a shredder is for but if you put a paper in there is a possibility that your blender would get stuck and break, o